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  1. Folks, I own a Fm2n for 2 years and rarely use it and that's the only Nikon camera I own(I don't own any Nikon dslr)
    I'm planning to take this badass out and do some work, I seriously need some advise on choosing lenses, for now I only
    Have a cheap but nice 50/f1.8, so I'm thinking about getting two other lenses, one wider, one in a longer end

    My works are all about shooting people, both indoor and outdoor, no landscape needed so far, my 50/1.8 sometimes seems awkward
    shooting indoor cuz I usually work with small space, therefore I need a wide angle lens, 24 or 35 I'm not sure, 24 maybe a bit too
    wide....and also I need a mid tele lens, maybe 105/f2.5?

    Seriously I need advise on this, and if u guys would put rough cost it'll be very helpful!

    Much much appreciate!!

  2. mtk


    Nikon 24 or 28...ai or ais. Used from KEH.com. 105 2.5 is razor sharp. Have fun!
    Pricing at KEH reasonable.
  3. Classic combos:
    • 24, 50 and 105 for wider coverage
    • 35, 50 and 105 for mostly outdoor/people shooting
    • 24, 35, 105 for mostly indoor/wide angle of view preference
    With any of this tercets you can leave one lens on at the bag/home, using a two lens setup.
    Another nice combo is the "holy fast trinity",35, 50 and 85, al f1.4 but a much higher price. And they have a "special" rendering (35 and 85) that could not satisfy everybody.
    I`m not fond of the 28mm into the three lens setup; maybe together with the 50 and 105, but I use to take the 24 instead, or the 35, depending on the scenario I expect to I`shoot.
    Any of the Ai/AiS versions will work. All are good lenses and cheap in user condition.
  4. Another vote for the 24 and the 105.
    BUT... consider a series E 75-150! They're supposed to be fairly awesome and f3.5...
  5. I've got the 35/1.4 and 105/2.5 along with a 55/2.8 micro for my FM2 and love the combo. In fact I often go out with just the 35 and 105...
    If 35 is wide enough just depends on your own taste. I can also vouch for the 75-150/3.5, its an excellent lens if a bit dinky in handling. (compared to the 105/2.5 anyway)
    This thread has gotten me thinking and I'm going to go out and shoot with my FM2 today!
  6. Add the 28mm/2 and 105mm f/2.8. This is, naturally, all a matter of personal preference. Those two with the 50mm f/1.4 comprise my basic kit. Go to KEH and check prices or look at eBay completed auctions.
  7. If you want an amazing fast 35mm lens that doesn't break the bank, look at Samyang's 35mm f/1.4 offering. Big and heavy, but ridiculously cheap for a lens of this class, and nothing you can get used at a similar price will come near its image quality. Nikon's Ai or Ai-S 35mm f/2 looks downright fuzzy in comparison.
    Another lens to consider is the Ai-S 28mm f/2 Nikkor. Faster than the f/2.8 version and not much bigger, but with better corner definition. I'm not sure why there's a general aversion to the 28mm focal length, because as you say Roger, 35mm isn't very wide, while 24mm is ocassionally too wide.
    +1 to the series E 75-150mm zoom as your long option. It's "only" f/3.5, but it's fully useable wide-open and has excellent image quality all through the zoom range. A neat little lens that can be picked up for a song.
  8. "All are good lenses and cheap in user condition"
    Yesterday my local camera store took in two of my fast Nikon primes -- 50mm f/1.4 AI, and 85mm f/2 AIS -- in trade for a new lens. Although I have enjoyed using both of them on my FM, I let them go because they both needed internal cleaning for haze and dust, and I also have another 50 and 85.
    I got a surprisingly good trade-in value, and here is why: Canon shooters, using 5DII for example, are buying fast Nikon Manual Focus Primes. Using an adapter, the Nikon MF primes are favored for shooting video. After a full dis-assembly, cleaning, and alignment, my old lenses will bring a pretty good price in EX condition. This is just something to be aware of.
    "mid tele lens, maybe 105/f2.5?"
    For people, the 105 is definitely a great choice. Add a 28 or 35. I have a 24 f/2.8, but I consider it too wide for people. An 80-200 f/4 AIS is very good hand-held on the FM, either outside, or inside with fast B&W film and window light ( I have one). Affordable. Find one with minimal zoom creep.
  9. Guys, there are very informative and helpful comments, thanks a ton!
    I have a question about the difference between 85/f1.4 and 105/f2.5, the price gap is obvious
    im curious about the image quality they produce, besides the aperture and focal length
    I've seen ppl put compliment on 105, and it seems to have high performance-to-price ratio
    what about 85 then? any input in terms of both of them?
  10. hi, Christopher, this is interesting
    actually, speaking to dslr, i am 5d mark ii shooter :)
    one of my friend got carl zeiss contax lenses for her 5d mark ii, i need to admit i never thought about putting nikon MF primes on my canon, i think its worth digging
    Thanks a lot!
  11. If you`re in the US, you can buy at KEH a 24/2.8, 35/2 (or 2.8) and 105/2.5 trio for less than $500 in Bg to Ex condition.
    As you say, the 105/2.5 is a nice lens with that "high performance-to-price ratio".
    The 85/1.4 is more a "cool" and attractive kind of lens than a high performer. There is a thread about this lens. You can also read Rorslett`s right comments about both of them.
    If you are not specially "concerned" by the 85/1.4, I`d opt for the 105. Personally, I find more useful the 105 on the trios proposed above.
  12. "putting nikon MF primes on my canon, i think its worth digging"
    If you want to dig a little, here is the store that I referred to. It's a great place to visit too.
  13. IMHO the way to go Nikon 35mm f2 50mm f1.4 and 105mm ... f1.8.
    An 85mm lens is just that little too short for me for portraits but the105mm is absolutely spot-on. The 1.8 version is something that, in Nikon terms, slipped under the radar. Generally available only to order it never sold in great quantities and was passed over as a result.
    The 35mm f2 and especially the 50mm F1.4 don't really need any comment-they just do what they do.
    An interesting recommendation is the Samyang 35mm f1.4.
    I haven't ever used one but you have to bear in mind (and this is VERY important with Film) there are other factors besides sharpness-colour balance, vignetting, surpression of CA, contrast and distortion.
    And IMHO if Samyang were the equal or better than the Nikon equivalent then they would cost the same.
    In fact the only time I ever came up against an independent lens manufacturer which equalled or beat the camera manufacturer's own was Angenieux-and they were at least as expensive or more so.
    Now (before I'm lynched...) that doesn't mean Samyang or any other independent lens manufacturer should be disregarded.
    It is just that Nikon prime optics do a better job-after all Nikon (at least as MF Nikkors go) make all their own lenses and all their own glass. Some of this glass is unique to Nikon and is just not used elsewhere.
    And of course there is the legendary Nikon build quality-second only to Leica IMHO.

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