Lenses for AE-1

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by leo_robles, Aug 14, 1998.

  1. I almost bought a 100-200 FD zoom lens for my AE-1, but it wouldn't turn and lock into place. Are there certain FD lenses that won't fit the AE-1? Second question. Recently, the light meter on my AE-1 has been getting "stuck" when ever I depress the shutter release. I have to tap the camera or the shutter release in order for the needle to move back. Any ideas what is causing this?


    Leo Robles
  2. Leo,
    Any FD mount lens should fit. You may try making sure the lens apeture ring is in the automatic position, If it won't go, something is wrong with the mount. Not sure about the sticking light meter.

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