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  1. Hi everybody!
    I have an old D50 with a few lenses: 18-55 DX (1st ver), 70-300mm f/4-5.6G, 28-80mmf/3.3-5.6G and a prime 50D f1.8.

    I am planning to upgrade to a new D7000. Should I buy the 18-55 VR kit or save the money for a future buy of a better lens?
    Is there any real difference between the 1st version of the 18-55 and the latest 18-55 VR?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  2. Save the money and buy the 17-55 2.8 or 16 -85 nice lens too
  3. Is there any real difference between the 1st version of the 18-55 and the latest 18-55 VR?​
    Yes, there is; the later 18-55VR is a bit better, and obviously has VR, which can be very useful in some circumstances. It is impossible to say whether it is worth spending the extra bit of money, though. Selling off the 18-55DX is not going to raise a lot of money, but it might make it easier to sell your D50 if a lens is included, if you'd want to. If possible, I'd take the 18-105VR as a kitlens over the 18-55VR; it costs a bit more but its range is nicer, and I think it's a better handling lens overall.
    If you do not take the 18-55VR now, how likely is it you can upgrade the lens? The lenses Dave mentions are nicer, but they cost quite a bit more. But to be honest, the lenses you have now aren't Nikon's greatest, and they will not exactly make the best of your D7000. So, looking out for a better lens is (in my view) certainly worth it, but it all depends on budget and what you intent to shoot most.
  4. You can look for a Nikon
    18-70 lens I have the D7000 with the 18-70 lens you can pick up one in mint like new for $180 or $200 , nice lens very nice with d7000
  5. Can your budget handle the D7100? The D7000 is still a good camera. Other than that, the Nikon 17-55 2.8 is expensive. The 18-70 is a little dark. I bought the Tamron 17-50mm 2.8, non VC (VR in Tamron terms for about $500), with VC add another $150. With your current lenses, your range would still be covered. It was recommended by the users here. I've been very happy with it.
  6. Sigma line up for both primes and zooms have been impressive as of late. You might want to check them.
  7. Sorry i take a nikon lens before a Tamron 18-70 nikon lens is not dark it is a very good lens
  8. Personally, I'd opt for the Nikon 16-85VR. I picked one one used in mint condition for $300. I've been VERY impressed with it. Thom Hogan also raves about it.
  9. @Rich Simmons: do you think that d7100 really better regarding picture quality (I don't care on video).
  10. Harry;
    I agree with Rich. I have both cameras and feel that the image quality of the 7100 is more than worth the difference in cost. The autofocus and low light performance are also superior IMHO.
  11. I have the D7000, and the 18-105 VR, also a 70-300 VR. Went to Hawaii after Thanksgiving including a private 'doors off' helicopter charter with my wife. A friend loaned me his 18-200 VR ll, as you can not change lenses or have any loose items with the doors off. Tried his 18-200 VR ll at the park, and the results blew me away. Much sharper than the 18-105 VR. My wife told me to go buy one, and I did. I have a few 16x20" being framed, and they are awesome and tack sharp at 16x20.
    I have heard this lens reviewed by so and so as not sharp, but mine and the original I borrowed are very sharp.
  12. I get GREAT results with my 18-70 and will never sell it. LOVE it with the D90.
    It might show it's age with the D7100, but it'll still take great photos for you if you aren't cropping extremely and if you're not printing beyond 8 x 10. That's most people I bet.
  13. The D7000 is good, but the D7100 is a much better handling camera. Autofocus is significantly better, and the controls are better designed--the left top dials will not turn accidentally, which can mess you up if you're shooting fast.
  14. @Rich Simmons: do you think that d7100 really better regarding picture quality (I don't care on video).​
    Yes, I do. But the D7000's sensor is very good. It was the same sensor on the D5100 as well. But, the D7100 is much more demanding on lenses.
  15. When I shot Canon I had a Sigma 17 – 50 OS f 2.8. The Nikon version appears to be quite good too (Review 1 ; Review 2). I would take it over the kit lens or the Nikon version. The price is amazing for the quality.
  16. Probably the most wise quality/cost choose will be T&H d7100 18-105 kit, available for €1260 in local market. This is
    €470 more expensive than my initial though to buy the d7000 body....
  17. Many people, even on here, have stated that the 18-105 kit lens doesn't do the D7100 justice. It's one of the reasons I didn't buy the kit lens last year. See the first comment I received from a reviewer on this topic, but the thread has some interesting points.
  18. if i was buying a DX zoom and wanted the best IQ, i'd get the sigma 18-35/1.8. the sigma 17-50/2.8 OS and tamron 17-50/2.8 are also very sharp. the problem with older kit lenses (18-55, 18-70, 18-105, etc.) is they were designed for lower-MP cameras.as megapixels increase, they outresolve these lenses more noticeably. the d7000 has a pretty good 16mp sensor--the d7100 has more resolution and no AA filter--but you need a good lens to get the most out of it. the 16-85 is also highly-regarded by landscape shooters, but it's too slow for my taste. the 18-35 sigma has a limited zoom range, but that means less optical compromises. you can also separate backgrounds more with the wider aperture. more praise from DPReview is here. the sigma's speed makes up for the fact that nikon doesnt make any fast DX primes wider than 35mm.
  19. Thank you for your answers, but it is getting even harder to select!
    Maybe I should buy the D7100 body and save some money to buy in the near future a 35mm G f 1.8 prime lense, which
    is cheap and sharp.
  20. Harry, I would take one step back. Yes, a D7100 with Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 makes about as nice a DX kit as one can think of. And it's costing a lot more than a D7000. Yes, the 18-105VR does not make the best of the D7100 sensor - but in the real world, we buy lenses to do a specific job, not to render each available pixel on the sensor perfect. A D7100 file with a 18-105VR, downsampled to the resolution of a D7000, will still at least match that D7000.
    So, first thing first. What do you want this lens to do? What are the reasons to get the D7000 (and if AF performance isn't very high on the wishlist, the case for the D7100 becomes a lot less convincing). It is wise to stick to your budget, rather than getting carried away with the latest and greatest, and primarily seek the gear that does what you need it to do. Might be a D7100, might not be. Could be the 18-105VR, could be the Sigma 18-35.
    I think seeking better lenses is worth it (the 18-55 non-VR, 28-80 and 70-300G aren't great lenses), but to decide better which lenses, ask yourself first: what are your typical subjects, what do you like to take photos of? Which characteristics in a lens matter to me? That is more important in selecting a lens than the body it will be used on, in my view.
  21. I used to photograph family and travel pics, but the last two years I have a serious passion taking pictures ( on a daily
    basis) of traditional shaving objects (ie straight razors, shaving brushes, soaps etc). Auto focus is not a serious issue
    since I work in a controlled environment (light box with bulb light or external flash and tripod).
    To be honest, I am quite happy with the 18-55mm ability for close up pics and the 50 f1.8 sharpness. What I am not
    happy is the poor quality and the lack of detail of photos taken at 800 ISO or higher (sometimes, especially with dark
    background, even at 400 ISO the d50 has too much grain ) and mostly the somehow dull colors of the d50.

    So the question remains: is d7000 and my current lenses going to meet my needs?

    Here is one of my straight razor pics, taken with the d50, the 18-55 lense and the sb400 flash.

  22. A D7000 with your 50mm would be just fine I think. It's still a great camera. B&H has a new one for $699 or used starting at $539. They have a refurbished D7100 for $939
  23. I 've just bought the d7100 body. I will consider buying a better lense in the future.

    Thank you very much for your answers!

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