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  1. I recently had an M lens modified to have 6 bit coding. Also performed was a
    CAE, FC and an RC. Does anyone know what these initials mean? Thanks.
  2. jtk


    They refer to the "Full Monty" that was delivered to your lens, concurrent with the invoice.
  3. I am not sure, but perhaps "clean and examine" "focus check" and "registration check". I think
    those are the basic things they will do...clean up the exterior and make sure the lens is in
    good shape. Once they switch out the mount they make sure it is still focusing properly and
    that the collimation is correct.
  4. On 6 bit coding they actually replace the rear mount on the lens than they need to calibrate
    the lens again to get it into spec. So Stuarts descriptions sounds pretty accurate on what the
    abbreviations mean
  5. Replacing the rear lens flange on a lens should not require any recollimation whatsoever unless there are very loose manufacturing tolerances on those flanges. They're smart to check it though, because they don't need people calling them screaming their lens focused right before they sent it but after the coding it misfocuses.

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