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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by emile_de_leon|9, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Hi all,
    I might be taking a trip west to the Rockies and wanted to ask
    what might be a (your) favorite 2 or 3 lens outfit for traveling
    with 5x7. Light weight is a consideration but not super important.
    Thanks much.
  2. hi emile:

    my 2 favorite lenses for my 5x7 are a schneider 210-370 convert,
    and a linhof 135mm. they aren't too heavy and they pretty much
    cover the bases.

  3. Emile, great choice in format by the way! without knowing your subject
    matter my pref would be 120/150...180...300
    Slightly wide/long combo and lots of 5x7 RVP from Jeff at Badger Graphics
    1-800-558-5350 Cheers, Allen
  4. When I did do 5x7 a lot, I used the same lenses I used with my 4x5: 90mm, 150 and 210.
  5. Couldn't live without a 180. Second lens 240. Third lens either a 305 or a 110.
  6. I use the following set up 150 Sironar-W, 240 Fujinon-A, 14" Apo-Artar for light weight. It works very well, and covers my needs. I would like, eventually, to replace the Artar with something light weight and multicoated, but haven't found anything smaller.
  7. 120mm Super Angulon, 180mm Fujinon f9A, 240mm Fujinon f9A, 355 f9 Repro Claron. That's 4 but I'd fold the 180 up inside the camera and sneak it along.
  8. A convertible would be nice. Since I don't have one (for 5x7), I would bring a 210mm Xenar, 121mm Super Angulon, and a 300mm Xenar. The big one is a monster, but I wouldn't leave home without it.
  9. I like 110/180. If you have room for another lens, I'd do a 240 (if contact
    printing) or a 300 (if enlarging). Oh, and always favor the lenses you already
  10. I use 110 a lot, then 180, followed by 300. I like the 300 on the 4x5, but it is a bit short on 5x7. I have a 480, but I can only focus to about 10', so it is not that practical.
  11. Can I recommend a 120 Angulon (not Super), which is compact and portable and not wildly expensive ? They are, I think, under-rated.
  12. 180mm Dagor.

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