Lens mount button stuck down

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by doug_emmett, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Hi-
    I know plenty of people have discussed jammed cameras. I have a 500CM and the camera (as far as I know) is NOT jammed.

    My problem is this: I depressed the lens release button, detached my lens, reattached the lens (everything cocked) and the lens won't
    "click" back on and the lens-release button won't extend back out in its normal position.

    What is wrong here?
    I can still fire off shots but the lens won't lock onto the mount.

    How do I remedy this problem?
  2. "I know plenty of people have discussed jammed cameras"

    and all are Hasselblads^^
  3. Doug if I read this correctly you removed the lens after taking a photo?
    If you did not wind the camera before removing the lens that is the problem.

    You must ALWAYS cock the body before removing or attaching a lens, and always store the len cocked.
    If you follow this simple rule the camera will more than likely never give a problem.

    I have been using them from 1980 till now........no problems except worn light seals in the film holders.

    Always always cock the camera BEFORE removing the lens.......if you read the manual it will explain this.
  4. Thanks Russ- do you have a solution to this problem? Should I bring it to a service center or is there a way I can fix it on
    my own?

  5. If you turn the slotted cocking button on the lens until it locks in the correct position (the red dot) and cock the camera body it should then just twist on and work.
    Always, always cock the camera after every exposure and this will not happen......I think you have already guessed this is not a camera fault but operator error that you will learn from.
    Not picking on you...........but always leave the camera cocked and always leave the len cocked even during long term storage. They are designed to always live cocked!

    Hope this helps Doug......

    Have fun with this great camera, it does have a learning curve.
  6. Hi Russ-
    I did all of that (twisted lens, re-cocked camera, etc) and still - nothing. The lens twists into the camera body and solidly
    enough that I can take photos BUT the lens release button didn't re-engage and pop back out. I haven't been able to get
    that solid locked click noise. Strange right? Must need service but was hoping for a forum fix. Every heard of this?

  7. Does the lens release button behave normally when the lens is off? It's a pretty simple mechanism and may just be stuck. It's not hard to open up the camera, but anything stuck is just a symptom of problems to come. If it's not stuck, perhaps the pin which engages the lens is bent. Did something happen to the lens mount?
  8. Hi Edward-
    All pins seem normal.
    The button is stuck in the "pushed in" position when the lens is off. It's an old camera that hasn't been used in a very long
    time. Could it be that it just needs some grease? Opening the camera would give me access to a potential fix?

  9. A CLA is cheap insurance for a camera you would like to use (or sell). If there's nothing broken, routine service is not especially expensive. It should be done by a factory-trained technician. The most expensive repair is one that doesn't work.
    Controls on an Hasselblad are just a superficial manifestation of an amazingly complex mechanism under the metal skin. You must remove the old, sticky lubricants before new lubricants can be applied, which entails more disassembly than a reasonable amateur would do in his workshop. It's easy to turn a $200 maintenance job into an $800 repair.
  10. Doug check you shutter lock.........
    There is a locking lever beside the shutter release button, if its set on lock mode, the shutter release will stay depressed after the exposure!

    Check this and get back with me please!
  11. i'd whack it a bit on the body near the button with a pencil, or something of similar weight that wouldn't mar the surface of the camera. I bet it's just wedged either due to being a little bent, or by old crusty lube that's in there.
    +1 to the suggestion of a CLA. I shoot mine as a hobbiest, sometimes very actively, sometimes not, and recently got them back after a CLA. the last CLA was 8 or 9 years ago. I haven't had any problems with my cameras, backs or lenses over the 15 years or so i've owned them.

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