Lens hoods on a TLR

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by sprouty, May 11, 2006.

  1. Having recently purchased my first TLR (a very nice Yashica 24) I am
    curious as to how common it is for MF cameras of this type to use a
    lens hood. Because I gotta tell ya, after the first few rolls I'm
    convinced that this lens has more flare than a gay sailor.
  2. It is quite common for TLRs to take lens hoods. Yashica made lens hoods for its TLRs and you can usually find one or two for sale on ebay by entering the search term "yashica lens hood."
  3. I have an old Rollei MX-EVS, and I usually get better results using a lens hood. I'd love to have a metal Rollei square hood, but when I was looking they were a little pricy. I found a Heliopan rubber Bay 1 hood new at B&H for around $30 or so, probably costs more now. Still not cheap, but worth it. Enjoy the Yashica 24!
  4. I'm sure it's very common for those who understand the purpose of a lens hood to use one to use one to minimize the problems you are having with this camera. However, a lens hood will not have any effect on your problems with metaphor.
  5. cpj


    The front lens element on most TLR's like Yashicas and Rolleis have very little sidelight
    protection at all, so a lens hood is a must unless you are shooting with the sun at your back.
  6. Yashica TLRs must have lens hoods. The film path is smooth (on Yashica TLRs I've seen at least) from the lens to the pressure plate which doesn't help the flare any.
  7. Thanks, it's just that I had never really noticed many TLR's with hoods so I was just wondering if I had a bad lens or if I needed a hood. I'll be checking out ebay.
  8. "However, a lens hood will not have any effect on your problems with metaphor.
    Flare/flair...yeah, even I cringed a bit after I hit the submit button.
  9. You should always use a lens hood on every lens of every camera you own.
  10. it never hurts to have a lenshood.

    i recently picked up a lenshood off ebay for my yashica mat124. flare is especially bad with the 124... took me a few rolls to figure that out. now i pretty much leave the hood on all the time.
  11. i found a collapsable rubber lens hood for my rolley in used camera store. best $5 i ever spent on photogear.
  12. Another solution is to get a Bay 1 to screw thread adapter and use "regular" lens hoods and other screw-in accessories. I have a Bay 1 to 46mm adapter for my Yashicamat. They're not as cheap as normal stepping rings, but once you've got one, you save a packet on the other accessories.

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