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  1. Just acquired a Mamiya 90mm and 210mm lens for studio use for my RB67 Pro SD.

    I was quite happy to see the included rubber type Lens Hood for each of those lenses. I was then told that the lens hood was mainly for field (outdoor) use and that I really needed a Compendium while using those lenses in the studio (if I REALLY wanted to be protected by stray light.

    I'd rather not have to set a Compendium for each focal length if I could avoid it and simply use the attached Lens Hood.

    Is there a Compendium available for the Pro SD? If so, how much better would the protection be?
  2. The Mamiya "bellows" shades mount to the lens threads, and adjust visually via the VF. The bellows shade will fit any brand or type of camera that can be adapted via step up/down rings.
    The question you need to ask is: how important is proper lens shading? And the answer is that it is vital to good images. Contrast is greatly reduced as is resolution by scattered stray light. A properly adjusted rectangular lens shade, will shield a lens from any "non-image" forming light. Round shades covering rectangular frame areas can't do this job correctly.
    Changing the shade from lens to lens takes maybe 20 seconds. For most photo applications this isn't a problem. If I were shooting weddings, or other high speed subjects. I would use round hoods, or have a rectangular one for each lens to eliminate the need to change.
  3. Absolutely vital piece of equipment for me. Once I'm into any serious shooting using the Hasselblad and 100 or 180 lens the comp is on. I also use my old school diffusers and vignettes in there, that's part of what I do and will remain. When using the longer lenses the advantage of being able to run a nice deep lens shade is the way to go. Dave
  4. The Mamiya G3 bellows hood is what you want. These are expensive new but can often be found on the auction sites at a very good price. One thing to be aware of: the hood itself requires an adapter ring that screws onto your lens. I bought my (used, but in excellent condition) G3 mailorder from a camera store that was dumping some of its old equipment and it did not include the ring. I had to buy this separately, which new (from B&H) costs costs almost as much as I paid for the hood. Fortunately I was able to get the replacement on the auction site for considerably less.
    FWIW, I use it all the time.
  5. Thanks, lots of good info!

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