Lens Hood for Summitar 50/2

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by darko|1, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Any suggestion for lens hood for Summitar 50/2..I have uncoated version No
    506302 (it is 1939 prod.year), a nice advice also for filter needed....

  2. Leica SOOPD (barndoor) is the most effective. If your lens is early enough not to have a distinct V-groove around the outside of the front, you need the earliest screw-clamp version, which is harder to find. The SOOPD doesn't block the view at all on an LTM Leica, but it does block somewhat on other LTM and M mount cameras.

    There are quite rare Series 6 adapters from Tiffen and Ednalite that screw into the unique filter threads of the Summitar. Or, use the 42mm Kodak slip-on Series 6 adapter. Either of these can hold Series 6 filters, or you can use a round Series 6 hood to hold the filter in. There are round vented Series 6 hoods, but not that easy to find.

    The Leica filters aren't all that expensive, since they only work on the Summitar, and aren't that rare.

    There's also the Leica SNhOO adapter, which goes from Summitar threads to E39 threads, and has a groove for any of the Summicron hoods you choose to use. But it is rare and pricey (about $100).
  3. Thnx John, for a nice advice....

  4. I've used the Kodak slip-on adapter, Series VI filters, and a Series VI round hood on my Summitar for years. Because I wear glasses, I use a Leica Briteline external finder as well, hence the blockage of the internal finder does not bother me.

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