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  1. Hi---I just got a real good buy on a Nikon 24-85 ed af-s at a thrift shop---bought it for $50.00 and it seems to perform just fine. But of course there was no lens hood. The original one would be the hb -28 which is unavailable. Does any one who has this lens know if the hb- 32 which is for the 18-105 lens and also takes the same 67 mm filters will work ? They seem to be available in either original or copy models at a reasonable price. Thanks--Jerry
  2. According to the Nikon Full Product Catalog #10 (which I have), it's the HB-28.
  3. Pete, did you read the OP? :)
    Jerry, I am going to check my junk drawer when I get home. I might actually still have an HB-28. I would think the HB-32 could vignette on the 24-85 (if you are using on FX). The 18-105 is 28mm equivalent FOV, so the hood may be a bit deeper. Also, check out KEH.com - I think they have an HB-28 in stock.
  4. Even though the lens filter diameters are identical, it is not likely that the bayonet grooves will match up, either in position or width of the track. Read somewhere that the HB-32 has a thicker bayonet that needs to be forced into the narrower groove suited for the HB-28.
  5. Good morning folks---thanks for all your answers. That is what I like about this forum. Chip---please let me know if you still just happen to have an hb 28 in your junk drawer and if so how much you want for it. I checked KEH, but they want $19.00 plus shipping-----Jerry
  6. Hey Jerry, sorry to say I was thinking of a different hood. If you have a non-VR 55-200 in need of a hood, then I could help you out :)
  7. Thanks Chip. I appreciate your help. I don't have that lens. i will keep looking around and will find one somewhere--Jerry
  8. erik_christensen|3

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    is cheaper on Ebay
  9. Thanks Eric but my lens is not the VR version (different thread size) and $34.95 ismore than KEH wants.
  10. B&H and Adorama carry generic rubber lens hoods for between $6 and $12. Pick the wide angle one (to avoid vignette at 24mm) that fits your filter size (they are screw-ins). They will cut the lens flair just as well as the Nikon one.
  11. Thanks. I will check this out. Jerry
  12. Hi Brooks----after reading your post again, I went to my box of old film stuff, and lo and behold, in a corner was a rubber Vivitar wide angle lens hood that has 67 mm thread size. I put it on and -----fits and works great. ! Problem solved and few bucks saved. Thanks guys.
  13. Hi Jerry,
    I am glad everything worked out. Free is always nice. :)

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