Lens Hood Catch Repair

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by steveh, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. The lens hood latch on my Canon 500 mm f4 IS lens broke, making it impossible to keep the hood attached. I've found a way to fix it.
    The part number is CY1-4292-000. I called the Canon service center and found out the part costs US$75, which I paid and received the part promptly. I believe this is the same part for several of the larger lens hoods.
    Don't do what I did. Do this. Take the assembly off by removing the two screws that hold it to the hood. Take the part to the nearest hardware store. Buy a retaining washer that fits the small post and install it. You will need a small tweezer or hemostat to hold the washer. The price for the part at my local ACE hardware was 15 cents. The assembly works just fine now.
    Soon I will be sending the $75 part back to Canon.
    Hope this helps others with similar problems. Steve
  2. Thanks for sharing.
    It's amazing how many photo accessories and parts there are at the local hardware store or even at the grocery. ;)

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