Lens haze on 50mm cron?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by tow_teo, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. DBE5AA6A-38CB-4D24-8B13-A996F802DEE1.jpeg 5D705C32-F754-4BC3-A8D2-175E9177472A.jpeg 3543071B-857F-4623-9623-1635D87CB2EF.jpeg I noticed a haze-like layer on one of the lens element on this 50mm ‘cron. Any idea what this is? See attached pics.
  2. Haze from condensation, oil evaporation or fungus.....or some weird style of separation?
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  3. Can't say for sure but a few years back I experienced a similar pattern on the inside glass surfaces of my M6 finder window after a very humid trip to Okinawa.
    Moving around in a hot saturated humid environment and going in and out of cool air conditioned spaces caused servere condensation inside the camera.
    When dried out, it was almost impossible to see through the finder due to a pattern similar to what I see in your pictures.
    A trip to Leica fixed that - with the usual high price tag.
  4. Common, never been sure just what it is but probably outgassing or some film that got humid/wet and then dried. Could be some kind of fungus, but it's too even. The lens needs to come apart and get cleaned. IMO, the sooner the better.
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    Open your wallet and reap the benefits...a good CLA should alleviate your issue.
  6. It's just got very dirty. It needs a clean. You will need someone you trust to do it.
  7. Thank you all for your advice. Took the lens to 2 local camera techs. And both concur it is the cement that has deteriorated.

    One of the techs (old guy trained in Germany by Rollei) took apart the lens and confirmed this. Said in all his years, he has never seen this in a Leica lens before. Japanese lens yes, but not in a German lens.

    So I guess this is a goner :(
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    Deteriorated cement often can be rectified...the elements are separated, cleaned and recemented with a modern adhesive. Rather than classify it as a goner, I'd check into getting it fixed by knowledgable people who have successfully done it previously - I wouldn't trust it to a "local" repairperson without experience in this issue. There are several people in the UK and US. I'd contact Malcolm Taylor in the UK and DAG in the US. Know, though, that both probably have heavy backlogs right now, although I recently got a very quick turnaround on a lens from DAG.
  9. I just discover this in my 50mm F2 (V1) after shooting a roll. Switched to my 35, just a bit of dust. Thinking of my next steps. I am hesitant to send it away for months,,,

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