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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by philip_jacobsen, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. I just came to a shocking realization. I suffer from lens freight!
    I'm a student and for the money i earned in Norway this summer I was able to buy the new canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II USM here in the states where i study (prices in states are super low compared to norwegian wages). Omg omg right? But... being as expensive as it is, I am almost afraid of taking it out. It's like I am carrying my life around on my camera. Not being a pro photographer also makes it scary to take it out as well because it is not a tool for earning a living. Also i'm a quite shy lad and I hate the attention i'm getting with this off white beast in my hands.
    I was thinking of downgrading (Am i crazy or should I simply man up and shoot the s*** out of this lens?)
    An alternative would be the 70-200 f/4 IS (smaller, less expencive) or maybe a 70-200 equivalent for a aps-c sensor (sigma 50-150?)
    These questions mess with my head all day so I thought i might just put it out there and see what you fellow shooters might say on the matter. What would you do?
  2. Wear gloves, install a UV filter and dress it in a "lens coat" for protection.
  3. Uhm... the word you're looking for is "fright"...
    Anyway, like the Greek Goddes Nike used to say: Just do it!
    That said, the 70-200/4 IS is great. If you don't need the 2.8 it won't disappoint.
    However, it's still pretty big and it's still very white so maybe you bashfulness will remain. Getting over it is the best way to go I'd say.
    All that out of the way: yes, you should treat your lenses with care but the big whites can handle quite some abuse. You don't have to coddle them.
    All the best, Matthijs.
    If all else fails... buy a small black prime (85/1.8, 100/2, 100/2.8L, 135/2L or 200/2.8L)
  4. Think about why you bought it ....... insure & go!
    You'll get used prices now regardless if you trade it so be sure you don't want it before you take the hit. Besides, it'll be good for your physique.
  5. I think using inconspicous prime lenses is one option. Not only they individually are lighter and smaller (it is possible to walk with 200/2.8 on your neck, much less so with 70-200/2.8), they also don't shout this "steal me, I'm expensive lens" message.
  6. I think some well-intentioned people make the mistake of buying new equipment, both bodies and lenses, without much thought given about how they will use them. It's the momentary thrill of owning something new and exciting. After that moment is over, reality sets in. Now what?
    It sounds to me like you have a bit of buyer's remorse. Now that you've got it, what do you do with it? How will you use the lens? Did you have a specific purpose in mind when you bought it? The 70-200 II is a spectacular lens, capable of producing superb image quality...better than any zoom I've owned, and rivaling many of my primes. But if you don't really need its f/2.8 aperture, or have a real purpose for its focal lengths, why bother?
    You can buy quite a few quality lenses for the cost of the 70-200 II. So ask yourself, for what will I use this lens, and do I really need its features, before you decide what you will do. If you decide to sell it, I don't think you will take a significant depreciation hit since they are in high demand; so don't let that influence your decision too much. Would you rather have 3 or 4 lenses you need and use, or one that you're afraid to take out of the house? Your call.
  7. hmm well, the thing is, being norwegian i love photographing skiers in parks and in powder. (I'm a skier myself) That is one of the purposes as well as wildlife (maybe with 1.4x converter) in the beautiful woods of norway. I think the fact that i am stuck in Dallas is the main reason why the lens doesn't see the light so much yet.
  8. As suggested above, if you want inconspicuousness with excellent image quality, you can't beat the EF 200mm f/2.8 L USM prime.
  9. Sell the lens.
  10. Life is short, Just enjoy whatever lens you got.
  11. In my opinion, the 70-200mmf4IS is what most people need 80% of the time and it is small and light and has superb quality. I think you were suckered by the "latest and most expensive is best" scenario. Why not sell it and buy the f4IS and either the 200mm f2.8, 135/2, or 85/1.8 for times when you need a smaller and faster tele? Otherwise you can just learn to love your behemoth.

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