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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by john_tran, Oct 28, 1997.

  1. Good morning all,
    Hope you all have a good morning, especially with stock market is on the up side..... :)
    Well, I am confused and need your all help. I am going to buy a Hassy 503CW pretty soon 'cause Hassy had a promotion sale at this moment, but not sure which lens to buy for wedding photography business. Since this is the first lens, is the wide angle 50mm is more suiteable (in church, group of people) then rent the standard 80mm lens or the other way around. Can someone give me some advices, especially with whom are in the wedding photography business. I thank you very much and have a very good day. JT
  2. I use a 60, 100, and 180 for weddings. I probably use the 60 the most of these three lens for my wedding work. The 60 is great for group shots, tight quarters etc. There are, however, times when a 40mm would be nice--e.g., tossing of the bouquet, "rice" throwing, etc. Other wedding photographers use 50, 80, and 150 with good success. I just like the 100 more than the 80. Another close friend of mine has a Planar 80mm as her only lens, and she does some might fine wedding work.


    If you are only going to get one lens, I would opt for the 80.


    /s/ Paul Lassiter

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