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  1. Hi all.
    I am a D800 user with Nikkor 16-35mm, 28-300mm, 50mm 1.4D, 105mm AFS micro and some other older nikon lenses like 55 micro, 105 mm f2 etc. I am a hobbiest, and taking family, travel and landscape photos most; and like micro work as well. Mostly I care the color rendition, sharpness and focus accuracy while taking photos.
    I am impressed with the photos that I take with 16-35 mm in terms of above criteria. That's why I can set its photo quality as a reference to my questions.
    Altough there are many positive posts on Nikon 28-300mm's practical use and performance, I am not very pleased with its picture quality. I must confess it is a very practical lens fitting many purposes, but the results are generally below my expectation. That's why I am considering replacing it with a better counter type. I am not very much interested in a set of 24-70 and 70-200 2.8s, due to cost and benefit (in my case) reasons and I hope I can get to some other solution which will meet my expectations - (16-35 mm is not a 14-24 at the end, is it?, however meets my expectations).
    Primes are always on one side of my mind; but if possible I'd like to enjoy the practicality of 1 or 2 zooms. I am not into low light situations a lot; or agree to compramise to an extend with higher ISO; but getting easily to and above f5.6 on the focal lenght annoys with the deeper DOF.
    I'd be very happy to get your suggestions for above.
    Secondly, I am interested in using ND filter(s). As I do not want to invest in it in the beginning; would you pls advice which grade to use for testing and on which lens/focal length.
    Thx in advance and enjoy the day and the weekend. Ismail.
  2. The new 70-200/4 VR would probably suit you quite well.
    There really isn't a superlative mid-range zoom in the the Nikon line-up (other than the 24-70/2.8, of course).
  3. The 24-120/4 VR could be a nice option to consider as well as the new 70-200/4.
  4. What Georges said - I am quite happy with my 24-120 f/4 VR, but I am using it on a D700 (which is a bit nicer to lenses on a pixel-peep level). I'm quite sure the 24-70 will be better, but as a versatile do-a-lot zoom, this lens sure lives up to the expectations.
    As for ND filters, I fail to see how you can try them without investing - you will need to buy a filter one way or another. I have a 6-stop B&W; it wasn't exactly cheap, but it has no colour cast worth mentioning, and no heavy flares and such. Getting cheap filters, you run the risk of such problems a lot more. I would simply would get the right one from the start (the 24-120 is a whole lot more expensive than these filters, after all).
    Assuming you want to use it for long shuttertimes, I'd recommend to get a 6-stop or 8-stop one, in the filtersize that matches your lenses best - most likely a 77mm one.
  5. In regards to ND filters, do you mean regular filters or graduated filters. I never use the regular one myself but my Singh-Ray graduated filters are always with me when shooting landscapes.
    If you mean graduated filters the usual startup set includes a 3 stop hard-edge and a 2 stop soft-edge.
  6. Thx for the responses so far. Obvıously I need to investigate and learn more about ND filters, which I Will do. I ll need to buy the filter for
    one of my existing lenses that is why would you advise Whether they are Good at one particular focal lenght or wide/medium or long,
    zoom/prime lenses?
  7. You might also consider the now venerable 180mm/2.8D AF-Nikkor lens. It’s an excellent telephoto, not too expensive or heavy, but with a fast maximum aperture and great resolution. AF speed won’t be super fast, but it’s not too bad because of the internal focusing design.
  8. Ismail, the working of a ND filter does not depends on the local length, nor whether it's a zoom or prime. The only thing to worry about is that it's large enough to fit your lenses - as the 16-35mm has the largest filtersize of your lenses (77mm), that would be a logical size to look for.
    But yes, I think before spending any money on a ND filter, you need to read up on what they actually do.

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