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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by nikola_jovanov, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Hi to all, I just have a problem with my nikon s3300. In the past, nikon fall down and stuck zoom lens, It display a lens error on display. I was change lens, put a new one found on ebay, and the lens after starting on, is working propely, but I still get a lens error on display...

    What I can to do, please help me! The nikon is new, worked about 700 pics

    Once to tell, I just replace a lens, maybe i must to change and ccd sensor? Thank you for answer, sorry for bad English. Greetings from Serbia to all!
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    Ni Nikola, welcome to photo.net. While your English is not perfect, I think we can understand your problem. At least I think I can.
    First of all, is your camera a Nikon D3300, not S3300?
    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to diagnose a camera problem without getting our hands on that camera. Perhaps one easy way to determine what the problem is to find someone else with a working D3300 or some other Nikon DSLR camera body and lens. Mount your two lenses on their camera and mount their working lens on your D3300. Hopefully that can help you determine where the problem is. There is a chance that the camera body itself was also damaged during the fall.
    Good luck and happy new year.
  3. I think Nikola has a Coolpix S3300, dropped it and impacted the lens, and got a "lens error" message which a user repair has not fixed.
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    Well, if it is a Coolpix S3300, the part about finding a new lens on eBay to put onto the camera doesn't make sense to me. Are we talking about buying a lens part and then perform the repair yourself?
  5. It's Nikon coolpix S3300 Thank you for answer, but if you can somehow to help me... Does the ccd will be failure if is lens stuck when he fall down on the ground? I dont know what thing can be failure more than that broken lens... I put new lens and get all together, and when I turn on camera it show me lens error. New lens work properly when I start the camera, it extend to the max and few seconds later it goes back, then swoh the ugly message. If you can told me what I must to do next, I will try it and give you feedback info! Thank you very much
  6. Since this camera has fallen, it would be better to get new one than spend a lot of time in repairs.
    It sounds that something is blocking the lens extending path, so lens can not extend fully and camera reports lens error and retracts lens and shuts down. This assuming that the camera has restored it's full functionality after first repairs.
    You could repeat disassembly and assembly processes and check for bent mounts or loose cable connections or debris in lens telescope mechanism.
  7. I get for me a new camera dslr d3100, and this s3300 coolpix is my second camera, and i want to repaire it. I put NEW lens and still get lens error, the mechanisam on new lens is working properly, but I dont know why, still comminng lens error! I repeat disassembly and assembly the lens few times and didnt get anything... Connections on flat cables and connectors are good.

    does it broken ccd sensor?
    or maybe mainboard?
    dont know...

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