Lens Error: Nikon Coolpix 8800

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by a_m|14, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Ok, basically turned on the camera today and the lens would not
    extend. along with the err message " lens error"
    can anyone tell me how to fix this?

  2. Unfortunately many P&S type cameras with telescoping zooms are vulnerable to damage. The lens telescoping mechanism is fairly fragile. It won't tolerate direct hits with the lens extended and I'm not even sure these types of cameras can withstand much vibration or bumping around when turned off, with the lens retracted.

    I'd first try resetting it, if there's a provision for this - it may be hidden in the sub-sub-sub-menu structure. Otherwise removing the batteries and leaving it overnight might cure it. If not, your camera is probably looking at a trip to the Nikon service center. I've heard of people trying to fix digital cameras themselves, but I haven't heard of any successful attempts.
  3. For future reference: if the 8800 is left in Playback Mode when switched off the lens will
    not extend when the camera is switched on.

    This will protect the zoomed section of the lens when carrying the 8800... simply switch
    the Mode Dial to any Shooting Mode and you're ready to shoot.

    Also if carrying the camera in a bag this will prevent damage to the lens if the On/Off
    switch is accidentally bumped.

  4. As mentioned, removing the battery is well worth a try. The auto-focus on our Coolpix 880 went totally nuts last year and I thought the cam was history. Leaving the batteries out for several days cured its 'blues' and it is now working fine. Good luck with yours. -Greg-
  5. I bought my Coolpix 8800 2 months before coming to India for extended travel. After an additional month, it simply stopped with the message "Lens Error" and has not responded to battery removal (1 week) or gentle bumping. I kept the camera in a padded case and it did not suffer any drops or any of that. When I get back (another month) I'll send it back to Nikon. Fortunately I bought a 5 year extended warrantee. I just hope Nikon and the extended warrantor treat me properly. Needless to say, I am losing lots of photo opportunities!
  6. I don't have a permanent solution, but I do find when the frustrating "lens error" pops up, and the camera won't shut off I can do a quick fix. I remove the battery and replace it, and it works fine. I don't change the battery, but just quickly replace it. I don't wait or anything, just a quick one, two, three. It's happened so many times that I now just do this automatically in one fluid motion. I wish it wasn't so, but I admit I like everything else about this camera. I've included one image I took indoors under tungsten light. Not too shabby! IF you'd like to see more you can look at my site... www.graycedillon.com where you'll see MOSTLY outdoor, nature images.
  7. My Nikon 8800 all of a sudden had a LENS ERROR last week. It's always been protected and in it's case. The lens telescopes out and shows an image for a split second and then switches to the "LENS ERROR" message right away. I have no clue what's wrong and it's frustrating. I'll be losing out on al my December shoots until I upgrade to a new camera around Christmas. I've check the firmware and asked around but I'm getting the idea that this camera is pretty much done for, until I send it in to Nikon i a couple days with the hope of repair. It is out of warranty but just a month now. Has anyone been told why this happens or if it's bound to happen eventually? :(

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