Lens cap for Summicron-C 40/2

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  1. Recently, I bought a used Summicron-C 40/2 without a lens cap, and I have looked high and low since for one without success. Any suggestion for a lens cap--I don't care if the cap is from a candy tube, just as long as it caps onto the said lens nicely. Thanks in advance.
  2. With the rubber hood mounted or not?


    With the rubber hood mounted the correct snap-on cap is the
    14191 which was also used on the 90/4C lens as well. I think
    that the snap-on cap for the late 90/2.8 Tele-Elmarit-M might
    work as well. Its number is 11252. This cap may still be
    available from Leica.


    Without the rubber hood, any of the A42 (push on) caps should
    work. The 14268 is the most common and is readily available
    from your dealer. Just measure the outside diameter of the front
    of the lens to make sure. The filter thread on the 40/2C lens is
    E39 x 0.75 while the other Leica E39 lenses use 0.5 pitch thread.
    Still a generic E39 screw in cap, such as what B&H carry, would
    probably work. B&H also sell a A42 cap, made by Kaiser, for
    about $6US.


    I hope this helps
  3. John, thank you so much for your detailed answer! With your info, I
    bought an old lens cap and hood for the Rokkor 90/4; the rubber hood
    was slightly torn, so I ripped it out and use the cap and the hood
    mount. Meanwhile, I'll get a friend to bring back a Kaiser 42mm cap
    from the US--doesn't make economic sense to spend around US$30-50 to
    have a single lens cap shipped over to where I am! Thanks again,
    John, for your useful info.

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