Lens Cap for Leica 50mm Summicron Type IV?

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  1. Ordered a lens and was ticked to find that it shipped without the front lens cap (though it has rear cap and hood). I have a cheap lenscap that will work in a pinch but dust keeps getting though it to the lens.
    If I cannot resolve this with the seller, what is the correct lens cap for the black 50mm Summicron Type IV?
    Also, is a hood cap more practical than a lens cap?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. As to the hood cap, if you always have a hood on the lens, obviously the hood cap is more practical.
    Regarding the right lens cap, most large camera stores sell slip on lens caps. Just find the right size, by trying different ones. Usually a couple mm's larger than the filter.
    Good luck.
  3. I did a little leg work for you. This is the one that clips on without the lens hood. Not cheap but it's Leica. You can get a generic one for a lot less.
    If the one you are looking for is the one that slides over the hood when it is reversed lots of luck on that. Good luck!
  4. duplicate
  5. Thank you both! Gil, that is a big help :)
    Does anyone know if the original lens cap (1983) was metal or the plastic snap-on variety?
  6. Does anyone know if the original lens cap (1983) was metal or the plastic snap-on variety?​
    The lens came with a reversible lens hood. The lens cap was plastic and fit over the the back end of the lens hood. The cap is slotted on either side to fit over the pinch release buttons on the hood. Find someone who is selling the lens with original hood and cap on eBay and ask them what the catalogue number is on the inside of the cap. You will then be better able to search for a replacement on eBay.
  7. Thank you, Robert! I know there are various soultions for a lens cap but I would like to get this lens to be like it was in 1983 when it left Canada. This suggestion is a big help. Thank you again!
  8. I have and use that lens #11819 (1979-1994). The lens hood is #12536 and the slotted cap that fits over the back of the hood when it is reversed on the lens is #14033. Great lens, same optical group as the modern lens with the collapsible hood but with a focusing tab and a slotted removable hood. Regards.
  9. Thank you for all the leg work, Gil! It is much appreciated. :)
  10. Gil and Robert are both right. The reversible lens hood and slotted cap came with my 50mm from Midland at about that time (Midland made Leica lenses through to about 1990). A replacement will be quite costly and if you put the simple plastic Leica cap of the B&H ad on your lens you will have a good replacement (without hood) for $30 + shipping. I have a metal cap with my 1990's Elmar M 50mm f2.8 collapsible lens, but I don't use it. I hate metal caps, as they can slip off easily in a bag and end up scratching the front lens element. A rubber Leica cap replaced the metal cap.
  11. Arthur, I may have gotten lucky. KEH has a plastic, slotted hood cover (#14033) marked 'Leitz', just as my lens is marked. I'm crossing my fingers that it is the correct cap. If not, KEH has a good return policy. Was the original cap metal or plastic?

  12. Hi Jim, my tabbed Summicron came with a 42mm plastic cap (#14268). It fits firmly on the lens and doesn't allow dust to get in. See the attached photo.
  13. It was plastic.(if it was slotted)
  14. Thank you for your help, gentlemen!
  15. Thanks again, gents! I recieved my slotted cap this week and it fits perfectly on the hood. I was even able to find one that says "Leitz", just like the lens it goes to. I wouldn't have been able to find the cap without the S/N that was provided. :)

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