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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by greg_hairston, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. I have a camulet 4x5 and a 5.6/150mm Scheinder symmar-2 lens. The issue I have is it fits in a lens board that the hole is only 29mm in diameter. It is my understanding the Copal 0 is 35mm, yet my lens board is only 29mm. The threaded area that fits in the hole is only 27mm I want to use this lens in a Sinar but I can not find a sinar lens board with the 29mm opening. Anyone know of alternatives and why this lens has such a small diameter?

  2. SK Grimes can make you a lens board that will fit.
  3. Greg - You may have a Compur shutter, not a Copal. According to this page:
    Compur made a #00 size which seems close to your shutter dimensions. That seems like a small shutter for a 150mm lens, but maybe that is what they used. If your shutter is a #00, you may be able to find a Sinar board drilled to that size from KEH or on eBay.
  4. I think I have some blank Sinar type boards in my studio. You can drill them. I will be there this weekend. Get in touch if you need some.
  5. Feodor. I sent you a message
  6. Found a blank Sinar Lens board on KEH for a Steal. Will drill it out and be happy. Thanks for the help guys.

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