Lens board Beseler 45

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  1. Looked at KEH, BH, Adorama: cannot find 4x4” board for this Rodenstock Sironar 150. I suppose I could make one!

  2. Luckily, you have the threaded flange. Cutting a suitable hole in a bit of 4" x 4" material shouldn't be too challenging.

    I've used offcuts of laminate flooring material for lensboards in the past.

    Unusual to see a Sironar in an illuminated iris mount. Are you sure it's not a Rodagon?
  3. Cut a 4x4 in masonite. Drilled a hole with a 51 mm. Couldn’t ask for a better fit. Waited 2 months for this Rodenstock to arrive from Russia!

  4. It's a Sironar, but for on an enlarger. So good for the Beseler.
  5. Nice job.
    I am not using Beselers lately, but I did make some boards with a three point alignment axis (screws). Same as yours, but the lens is mounted on a smaller (thinner) floating plate, attached to the 4x4 "plate with three Allen screws. There is a 1/4" neoprene foam material between the two plates for allow such an adjustment while maintaining light tightness. I think it was Delta who was selling boards already made this way (aluminum).
    This makes the alignment job much faster and easier than using the system provided by the Beselers.
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