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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by tim_tan|1, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. Information on M mount to LTM adapter. Thinking of getting a IIIc and
    wonder whether my M6TTL lens would work well on the old camera with
    the adapter. Anyone using this setup and their experiences pls.
  2. You're out of luck -- it adapts screw mount lenses to bayonet mount body.
  3. Tim:
    Screw mount bodies have a lens flange to film plane distance equal to one mm less than on the M series bodies. This allows LTM lenses to be used on the M bodies. If you could find an adapter to put an M lens on a IIIc, you would not be able to focus.
  4. Tim,

    I just posted an ad for my pristine IIIC body. Take a look. Why not consider that plus a nice Summitar lens? This particular IIIC is unlike any other you will ever find. Read the description.

    Keep your M unit as a camera/lens unit.

    Anyway, you and add a screw mount to an M body with and adaptor but not the other was round...you can't attach an M lens to a screw mount body.

    Get the IIIC with a lens as a separate camera system...I have a beauty available.
  5. Tim, welcome to the world of wonderful LTM Voigtlaender lenses and LTM to M adapters(!). While most of them maintain their rangefinder coupling when mounted to the M6, they might even start to rival your Leica lenses... ;o)
  6. I believe there does exist a bayonet to ltm adaptor. search the forum, even a model no. and pic was shown. the bayonet is recessed into the ltm body. speculation and theory is not help.
  7. thinking about it again and breaking out the equip. to chack; the ltm mount is smaller than the m-mount...currently eating crow for dinner, sorry.

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