Leitz Wetzlar Colorplan 2.5/90

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  1. C100E3D6-4FC0-482E-99B6-ADCCCFC31178.jpeg I picked up a Leitz Wetzlar Germany 1:2.5/90 projection lens that was hazy.

    I thought I kept track of the element order & orientation when I took it apart to clean it, but it rattled after reass’y.

    I took it apart again today & laid the elements out in order. There are only two flat spacers and one is wider in diameter and won’t fit inside the barrel...so it has to be the ‘retainer’ between the front element & ‘nameplate’ ring.

    Online optical ‘schematics’ only show the elements, not the spacers.

    Maybe I just didn’t have the elements fully inserted & didn’t want to force anything.

    Any experience with this?


  2. I just looked at the Marco Covina site which compares 'schematics' for Leitz Wetzlar Germany Colorplan 1:2.5/90 lens with an Elmarit f/2.8 lens, and describes differences between the German and Portuguese Colorplan projection lenses.

    Mine is German, but differs from the Mandler-Wagner (Covina-posted) 2009 drawing, in having TWO doublet/achromats and some visibly different element shapes...perhaps a transitional design.

    I took closer edge photos of my elements but they are on my phone at the moment. This isn't going to get easier, I guess.
  3. E-mailed Marco...he had a diagram of another version that shared enough with my configuration to be a helpful reference.

    I'll clean the fingerprints off & try reassembly per the closest illustration.

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