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  1. I've been offered a black, metal Leitz Tiltall for $80. Apparently it is one of
    the older ones (solid version) but still in good mechanical condition and can
    support 13 pounds. Since I am not familiar with this tripod I want to know if
    $80 is a fair price to pay. The person is getting back to me with more details
    about the model number if there is one. 13 pounds of support is ideal for me
    and some of the good tripods out there that support this weight are more
    expensive. Tripod to be used for macro, landscape, and potentially birds/wildlife.

    Thank you
  2. I have one of the older ones that I bought over 25-years ago. It's tough, rugged and built like
    a tank. If it's in very good to excellent condition, go for it. Here's a link to B&H that shows a
    new one.

  3. Hope this is a better link--

  4. Sorry about the link. It only takes you to the B&H home page, but a few clicks should get you
    to where I tried.
  5. It's a nice, solid tripod. I almost bought one for $100 in 1994.

    The older ones are better built than the newer ones.
  6. The new Taiwanese-made models are poorly-finished ghosts of the oldies. The ones I've seen on offer in Toronto are junk.
  7. I've had one of these since the early 80's. It is butt simple and sturdy as all get out. It's not as quick or flashy as newer tripods and is way heavier than most but there is no plastic to break. $80 is a good price - I'd pay that for mine if I didn't have it.
  8. Thanks, I am going for it. I'm not too worried about the weight of it as I can use my Slik U9000 for heavy walking.
  9. Can't speak for the Leitz version, but I still have my original Marchioni Tiltall from the 60's. It easily supports my old all-metal SLRs with a bellows and a macro rail.
    Wouldn't trade it for anything.
  10. Nothing beats a great set of legs :- )
    The standard Series 3 Gitzo center post slides right into the Tiltall, allowing you to convert it to a ballhead without modification. Mine is from the mid-80s, with the Leitz-Rockleigh NJ sticker on it.
    Occasionally it be nice to go a little lower, but that's my only problem with it.
  11. Hi Josef, that is a nice little trick. I happen to still use the Tiltall and I have a Gitzo 320. I will have to give it a try.

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