leitz pradovit CA 2500 lens change to Colorplan (now Elmaron 150 mm)

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by raf_knockaert, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Hello,
    I have a Pradovit CA 2500 with for the moment a Elmaron 2.8 150 mm
    lens. I want to change this lens for a Colorplan 90 mm. The Lens Tube
    (metal) has a diameter of 60 mm and sits in a plastic tube with
    slightly larger diameter, this plastic tube screws in the projector.
    Wich colorplan lens (diameter) will fit and do I have to change other
    parts (eg the aforementioned plastic tube)?
  2. I think you have to change the plastic tube (Stutzen: german) too. See below a chart from my CA1500 manual. Luckily, you don not have to change the condensor. All colorplans will fit in the Stutzen No. 37119.
  3. For the Ca 2502 the standard condensor 37 224 is for 50-150 mm lenses. The Tube (Stutz in German) nr. 37 121 is for 150 mm lenses, and for 35-120 mm lenses ؠ42,5 mm (like the Colorplan or Colorplan-CF, both 2.5/90 MM) tube nr. 37 119 should be used.

    This info is from Handbook of the Leica system 1983, p.- 137. It does not contain information on the Ca 2500, but probably the same applies.

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