Leitz Prado with Colorplan lens & spare bulb

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  1. Hi, I have one of the above projectors (I'm not sure of the exact model code, I need to have a look when I get home again). The projector is in perfect working order and has a wooden carrying case. I don't need or use it and am looking to sell it. Can anyone give me an idea of how to ask for it? Thanks for your help Jason
  2. eBay is usually a good source for prices for equipment like this. As well made as the Prado is, its older illumination system is not very efficient. You could ask for $50 and take $25 or more than that in trade? You could probably net more by selling the slide changer and lens separately and tossing the housing itself.
  3. Jason, Harry may know more than I about the value, but ain't it a shame to think that a working piece of beautiful equipment like that could go so cheap? If the bulb is affordable relative to how long it will last, one could use it to project duplicated slides for all kinds of fun purposes, but I guess there is always a time for cleaning house.
  4. I'd have to say that Harry knows nothing about Leitz Prado projectors. In excellent condition what you have is at least a 150 to 250 dollar projector. It depends on if it is a Prado 250 or 500. And the Prado does not have a "poor illumination" system. I have both a Prado 250 and a 500 (along with about 10 other slide projectors) and either will illuminate equal to or better than any equivellent projector ever made.
  5. Guys, thanks for the answers you've posted so far. I now have the projector out of the cellar, it's really in good condition.
    I'm not sure of the difference between Prado 250 or 500 - would it be that the 500 has the blower unit?
    The lens on my projector is a Colorplan 1:2.5/90mm.
    The projector itself is very clean, do damages to the finish anywhere, a nice pieve of kit
  6. Here's a recent sale of the Prado 250:


    and here are a 250 and 500 that did not sell because the starting prices were too high:



    and finally here is a superb Prado 66 outfit, hard to find for the 2 1/4 inch (6x6 cm) slide capability, which is far superior to your projector. This one sold for about $52 because it was quite special.


    I have used Leitz/Leica projectors for 50 years, repair and make a market in them, and have the engineering background to judge their quality.

    I will gladly sell to the other gentleman an unlimited quantity of the 250's and 500's at his stated prices if he will kindly email me his shipping address. How many do you want to start with?
  7. The 250 watt Prado without the cooling fan used to be called the Parvo. It was usually supplied with an 85mm projection Hektor lens. It had a conventional illuminating system. The slides could get rather hot and would warp in their mounts if left in too long. The Hektor lens is sharp, though not quite up to the Colorplan.

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