Leitz Minolta CL compact rangefinder camera

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    Leitz Minolta CL, a compact 35mm rangefinder film camera

    AFAIK, Leitz Minolta CL is the smaller 35mm rangefinder camera. Minox CL 35mm camera is smaller
    in size, but that is a viewfinder camera, with no built in rangefinder

    This version is equipped with a Minolta Rokkor lens. There is Summicron lens for this compact camera
  2. [​IMG]leica_cl2 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr

    The Canon 50/1.5 is small enough to fit in the Pouch case with the camera. Almost as small as the 40/2 Summicron.
  4. I still have a Leica CL but of course you can't get the batteries and I think my meter may have died permanently now. Great little camera to use though.
  5. Sherry Krauter rebuilt and updated my early CL. A fellow in Thailand makes a gold plated battery converter that holds a silver oxide battery of the correct voltage. I've been using it in the CL, the spot meter reading is accurate and the battery lasts longer than the old 625 mercury cell.. The only problem I have with the CL is portrait focusing; with a 90 lens it is difficult until 5.6 as the rangefinder base is very short. Both viewfinder lines for 40 and 50 focal length lenses work well for composing and I now use the entire field with a Summaron 2.8 35. Great carry around camera as it is lightweight and smaller than LTM bodies. The two piece body makes film loading quick and easy. In my opinion the Leitz CL and the Minolta CLE are underappreciated cameras.
  6. I may try her. I got a little conversion thing that was the size of a mercury batter but held a S76 battery. It worked quite a while, but now the meter doesn't respond at all after eons on the shelf. I wouldn't mind paying to bring it back to life.
  7. Sherry Krauter is the expert on CLs. If you decide to use it, ask her for the complete CLA and upgraded parts replacement. I haven't spoken to her in a while so you may wish to contact her for her advice. Mine came back from her better than when I first bought it used in the early 80s.
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