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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by rowlett, Aug 13, 1998.

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    I am concerned about focusing my V35. It does pretty good in the normal ranges, i.e. 5-8x, but when I follow the directions to calibrate the focus by raising the head to its uppermost position (16X), and then setting the focus, when I lower it to the 3X position, it falls "ever so slightly" out of focus. If this was ANY OTHER BRAND, I would not worry in the least, but this is Leitz, and I cannot accept this as being within normal Leitz tolerances. If any ideas, please help me out! Thanks.
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    I found my own answer: For best results, make certain the height
    adjustment crank is set correctly. If it is not, the auto focus will
    not function correctly; even when the enlarger head is set at perfect
    focus for one enlargement ratio, it will go out of focus at or
    toward the opposite extreme.
  3. Does the negative carrier in V35 allow for full frame printing?
    In the photo clubs Durst 305 one cannot print full frame with
    the glassless negative carrier. Such a waste!
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    Not the one that comes with it, but you can get a 25x37 carrier
    (Leica part #17012) which allows for full frame printing with the
    black border around the frame. It's got anti-newton glass on both
    sides which makes for a perfectly flat negative during printing. Six
    surfaces to keep spot free is more difficult, but the results are
    worth the trouble.
  5. There are two carriers that print exactly full frame, one with upper
    anti Newton glass and one with upper and lower glass, and another
    that prints full frame plus enough extra for black borders.
  6. Hi Toni


    I have the same problem and if you have in the meantime came across
    something kindly help me

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