Leica X1 memory cards

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  1. Hello peeps
    I'm about to pick up an X1 and am considering a proper SD card to suit. Can users please let me know the size of DNG photos shot at full resolution?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Keep in mind the X1, oddly enough, doesn't allow you to shoot DNG by itself. You can shoot JPG Fine, JPG SuperFine, DNG + JPG Fine, or DNG + JPG SuperFine. But not just DNG by itself.
    With a 4GB HC card the following resolutions will give approximately...
    JPG Fine: 1,320 images
    JPG SuperFine: 663 images
    DNG + JPG Fine: 188 images
    DNG + JPG SuperFine: 165 images
  3. Thanks Ken. I didn't know that the files were ~20mb! That's pretty hefty. Funny enough that if DNG could be shot alone, there would only be more capacity for 3-4 extra shots, it sure saves the time to delete the JPGs.
    Considering your information, it looks like 4GB would be the minimum, with possibility for an 8GB card
  4. The number of images are what the camera shows remaining for an empty 4GB card at those compression settings. I think they are minimum numbers, and I think the DNG+JPG estimates are really low. Generally the DNG size is about 12MB, the ExtraFine about 6MB, and the Fine about 3MB. If you take DNG+ExtraFine it should take up about 12+6=18MB give or take. DNG+Fine is about 12+3=15MB thereabouts.

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