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  1. Just wonder if there is any focusing aid by using the Leica Wide angle
    M lenses e.g. 24mm 21mm lenses. I know there are external finders for them. How do your focus the lens? Is the camera finder can be used for focusing? How about the parallax correction? Thanks.
  2. You use the rangefinder in the camera to focus. The finders have a set
    of lines that roughly indicate the parallax correction at close
    distances. In that regard you guess a bit. It all works in the end,
  3. Spearhead

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    By the time you get to 21mm, you really don't need a focusing aid.
    Practice distance estimation, and you won't have any problem, except
    maybe wide open. You can work on this with any lens, just walk down
    the street, focus on something and guess the distance. After a while
    you can do it pretty well.


    Parallax is something you can also learn to estimate. Shoot
    constantly and review the results. After a while you will know where
    the frame really ends.


    After a while, you will be shooting without looking through the
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    yeah, and the depth of field scale is little more than an ornament on
    those wide lenses. With the 21 you practically have to TRY to get
    something out of focus! :)
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