Leica Super-Angulon 21mm f4 & Sony A7 II

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  1. Last sunday I was playing with the Super-Angulon, and I want to share some pics I taked in this first test. Some pics are reframed. I know I did not get yet the best of this small wide angle lens can do...Mainly because I calculate wrong the distance....that explain the soft faces of my friends in near all pics...








    DSC09540bn1p (1).jpg
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  2. Is this the M or R version? Nice. Amazing to see Einstein still alive and with us. I thought he passed away in 1955:)
  3. Hello Robin... Thanks a lot for your kindly comment...I forgot to put in the title that this Super-Angulon is the M version, from 1959. And yes, my friend looks very close to the old Einstein...More than that...he looks too to Jesus Soto, the great cinetic venezuelan arttist.



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  4. Hello Robin......Here you can see a very first close-up of the new Einstein (Sony A7II / Summilux, 50mm)

  5. I don't understand why you say the distances were 'calculated'. Surely the A7II allows you to view the focus in real time?
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  6. At that moment, I had not with me my glasses so I used the super angulon depth of field scales info to meassure the distance. For that reason I think I made a bad calculus in some shots...I guess
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  7. Great images Federico, are they black & white at source or you convert them in PS?
  8. Thanks bkhan. Yes, I converted to b&w with PS. This time I used the easy and quick way: I started with the jpg versions and use the default PS b&w option.

    Normally I first "refinish" the raw material, and then convert it to b&w using the color lab way. (sorry for my limited english)
  9. The images look great.
  10. I found this lens on a market today and i was a bit afraid to put it on my sony because the rear element is sticking out so far Im afraid it might damage the sensor!
    Did you have any issues with this?

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