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  1. A new ABC Television show, Six Degrees, scheduled to debut in late September,
    has a character named Stephen who is an "artist/photographer" who appeared to
    be shooting a chrome Leica M7 from what I can pick up from the trailers being
    shown to promote the show on ABC and their website. Do you think the target
    audience will even know what kind of camera this is?
  2. Do you they will care?
  3. Meg Ryan snapped away happily with what I think was an M4-2 or an M4-P in "Addicted to Love". She didn't look like she knew how to use it at all. I figured one of the still guys on the set loaned it to her as a prop. My eye-brain connection registered it; I'm sure no one else in the theatre gave a (*&%*&^.

    A tougher spot was "Under Fire", where Nick Nolte played a PJ in Nicaragua at the time of the Somoza overthrow. He used Nikons almost exclusively. Almost, because there was ONE SCENE in which it looked like he had a black M4 slung around his neck when he was out and laid back.

    These Leica Sightings are a kick. Kind of like Jeopardy trivia.
  4. Anyone see some old foggies flogging Flowmax (pharma) on a TV commercial chimping at a Digilux? Flowmax is a drug to take for various urinary problems. They should advert. here, LOL. ;*)
  5. According to the movie Euro Trip, an M7 can get you oral sex in Amsterdam...but then again
    so can 50 bucks...<P>Seriously though, are there any movies or shows where a Leica is
    actually an integral part of the plot? Euro Trip is the only one I can think of. And no, I don't
    really care, I just think it is funny.
  6. In Adrian Brody's new movie he shoots with a m3 or an MP...not sure. You can see it in the commercial

    In Ronin with Robert Deniero, he shoots with a Leica R and you see M bodies throughout as props
  7. From Michael -- "Do you (think) they will care?"

    No Michael, but that wasn't the question dude.

    I've seen the Flomax commercial and Nolte's use of the Leica when he was traveling light, but not Meg Ryan. I find these Leica placements interesting as they seem to be increasing lately with Closer and Eurotrip coming to mind.
  8. But it's a more relevant question, perhaps.
  9. .[.Z ... maybe so.
  10. In Adrien Brody's new movie he shoots with a m3 or an MP.
    Would that be "Hollywoodland"?
  11. Another L-sighting: Maya Sansa playing the character Mirella Utano in La Meglio Gioventu...using a M4-P(for as far as can be seen).
  12. And what was James Woods as Richard Boyle using in "Salvador" by Stone?
  13. I'm guessing Brody knows how to handle a camera, if his mum taught him anything:

  14. Oops, better link here:

  15. What about "The Killing Fields". Wasn't Malkovich using a Leica? Or was that a Nikon. It's been a while...
  16. In "Bigfoot and the Hendersons" David Suchet uses an M3 with, I think, a collapsible Cron.
  17. This is just as lame as 'Amiga computer sitings.'
  18. That's definitely no Leica M that Adrian Brody's using in "Hollywoodland". Looks like a cheap '50's Leica knock-off or possibly just a mock-up prop rangefinder camera. The best Leica placement in terms of accurate setup and vintage is in "Chinatown" with Jack Nicholson using a IIIf (?) with a 135/4.5 and the auxilliary finder. Polanski really knew his Leicas.
  19. Whatever Leica gets shown on TV or the movies, it is sure to be accompanied by the click-whirrr-clack sound effect of a motorized SLR!

    Roger B
  20. The 6.5h Italian movie/series "The Best of Youth" (La Meglio Gioventu) of 2003 shows an M4-P quite a lot towards the end... better choice than an M7 as a product placement, because the M7 doesn't have the Leica name at the front any more.

    How about spotting Leicas in novels? John Banville's "The Sea" comes to mind, amongst quite a lot of lesser known recently published fiction... I've certainly spotted a lot more Leicas lately in movies and books rather than in the street.

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