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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by drew_back, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Hello
    Who is good and reasonably priced for servicing an old Leica 1
    It is starting to leave black streaks across some of my pictures
    I cant afford A mint and I dont want to wait 9 weeks for repair
    Thank You
  2. If you are getting horizontal blurry streaks at high shutter speeds or you are getting dark
    spots on the pictures, the curtains need replacement. This will be $300+ from the first
    three I list just so you will not be suprised.

    DAG, Goldentouch, Focalpointlens.com are the usual places. Also Essex camera repair and
    they are probably the cheapest. Leica no longer services screwmounts. Mark Hamma has
    done two of mine. Other people I reffered reported problems with him.

    All have websites with phone numbers and E-mail addresses.
  3. Also check out Youxin Ye, google for email.

  4. Ye does not work on screw mounts any more.
  5. If you don't mind a longer turnaround, John Maddox is the fellow to service a screw mount Leica.
  6. The streaks can happen when the shutter needs new lubricant, but more likely at higher speeds; if it's happening at low speeds there could be the holes in the blinds.

    The shutter has to be taken apart to lubricate because oil on the blind fabric will ruin it.
  7. Youxin Ye replaced the curtains on my IIIc and did a CLA last month for $120. He also returned the camera one week later.
  8. "Ye does not work on screw mounts any more."
    He CLA'd a IIIg for me last month. The turn around was 1 week.
  9. Youxin Ye worked on a barnack of mine just three months ago. He works quickly, communicates effectively, and does excellent work. I recommend him highly for screw mount work. His service costs are very fair as well. I'd email him if I were you.


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