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Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by jthompson, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. The modern film camera forum is a great addition here, I figured I'd throw my support in with the Leica R8 that I've recently acquired.
    I simply have not used a better camera, and it takes me back to the great feelings I had with my first camera, the Pentax Spotmatic.
    The original variables, distance/time/aperture take precedence in the layout of the camera. The viewfinder is hands down the best I have ever looked through. It is easy to operate the camera in fact without actually taking your eye away from the viewfinder. There are some very handy auto exposure modes for those situations that require it - but to me, the cameras design supports a simple operation of the 'classic' photographic decisions about exposure and focus. All in all feels great.
  2. Jared - very nice, thanks for posting. I've always been curious about the Leica R series. How do R lenses compare with M lenses? Also, do you have any color shots?
  3. Very nice image. Looks like it was taken near Pioneer Square.
  4. Yes, I do have some color will upload a shot when I get a chance.
    And thJs was taken downtown about a half mile from pioneer square.
  5. A couple of summers ago I had an R8, motor drive, and both Vario zooms 28-70 and 80-200. I bought them used (at a very good price) specifically for a prestige photo shoot that fell into my lap. The clients wanted film images only, and since they were paying very well, and the event was high-profile, i felt the need for some luxury gear.
    Yes, it's a beast of a body to look at, but it's very ergonomical. Fingers fall in the right places and the shutter release is the smoothest I've found. AE metering was a joy to use and almost faultless. Of course the glass was top-notch, too. I wasn't crazy about the metal ribbing on the barrel; a different grip would be more comfortable.
    I guess only other complaint would be that the R8 is limited to later lenses 3cam design and up. But since i sold the set-up after the job was done, it's a moot point.
    Would i recommend it ? Yes, if you have a spare grand or two and change. Plus, for a big wad of cash more, you can splurge for a digital back for the R8.
    Is yours black or silver, Jared? Despite it being rated as "ugly" by a lot of jealous people, i'd like to see some camera porn in this thread - show us the camera !
  6. Gabor, here is the camera.
  7. Kayam, I have not had the pleasure of using M lenses, or rangefinders at all actually. So I cannot compare the two. What I can say is that the lenses I have used, the 35mm summicron, the 50mm summicron, and the 60mm macro elmarit, have been absolutely superb. I will post a color shot here from some Kodak 100g chrome film, nothing special, but just so you can get a sense of color.
  8. ph.


    My R8 IS OK but not that brilliant. It has an unfortunate tendency to think it should expose the same scene twice if I do not take my finger off the button quicly enough.

    No problem with the optics, except for size and weight, the Leitz designs are truly excellent (even if they changed the Label after a fiancial disaster). I am not using the R8 flash innovations or any other of its modes except spotmetering and the auto time setting. Except for its viewfinder brightness and auto shortcuts,, as far as I am concerned, a working Praktica L with a lens adapter might serve the same purpose ::i.e. taking the snaps.I want-.

  9. I've always liked the R8 but I'm past the age where I could carry it and at the time I decided to try a camera like this, I selected the Contax RTS III. The lenses were way cheaper at the time! But I've always liked the way the R8 looked.

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