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  1. Hi!
    I’m looking to buy Leica R lenses (stills and video) and wanted to ask if there will be much noticeable difference in look because the first one 28mm f/2.8 is from 1979 and the second one 35mm f/2.8 is from 1977.
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    According to Doug Herr, the 2nd version of the 28 (1994) is much better than the first, with less distortion, flare and vignetting. Likewise the 2nd & 3rd versions of the 35 are significantly better in all respects than the first which was designed for use on the original Leicaflex body. Given you're comparing a 28 with a 35 mm focal length, yes the looks will be significantly different
  3. Much noticeable difference in look ... compared to what?
    It would also probably help to understand on what camera you want to use them; if it's a 4/3rd or crop sensor, you may "suffer" less from less performance in the corners or vignetting, for example.
  4. I mean coating etc. It’ll be used on MFT, with and without metabones speedbooster.
  5. I don't have these two R lenses, but a fair number of others; when used with slide film, I see very little differences in colour rendering and they're mostly nice contrasty lenses. I wouldn't worry about "inconsistency" between them, really, especially since they're basically from the same era.
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  6. Leica R lenses are popular for use on mirrorless cameras. Since they have a long back focus distance, they are not prone to distortion and color shifts in the corners of the image. All the better if the camera has a cropping sensor. Because of this popularity, R lenses can be hard to find.

    I don't think consistency between lenses was a high priority in the 70's, but they are made by Leica and of high build quality. The coatings may not be as efficient and the emphasis was probably resolution over contrast (mostly the result of more elements and less efficient coatings).

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