Leica Pradovit color 250 (Autofocus)

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  1. Hi,
    Could someone please inform me as to what kind of slide trays does Leica Pradovit color 250 (Autofocus) projector accept. Also, I am wondering whether the bulbs for this projector are still available in shops.
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    The same question was asked four days ago: http://www.photo.net/leica-rangefinders-forum/00TH6J
  3. SCL


    Yes, lighting distributors have replacement bulbs, although generally not in retail stores. Check with your nearest distributor, or online. I bought a replacement a couple of years ago.
  4. Old european trays, 36 and 50 slide. LKM do not fit
  5. Old standard european trays, 36 and 50 slide. LKM I will have to test.
    The old ones usually say Leitz, Rollie, Braun on one end. They come 2 trays to a plastic box with slide out tray or a flip open end. If you tip the tray, all the slides fall out.
    LKM have very thin dividers with a plastic bubble on the corner of the divider to retain the slides if the tray is tipped.
  6. LKM do not fit. In attached pic, the LKM has slides in it, the proper one does not.
  7. end view. You need the tray type on right
    Sorry for focus. I got rid of the P&S and got Nikon SLR for digi, but the old Canon was handy. Send a PM if you need a better pic
  8. Thank you all for the replies.
  9. Hi,
    Some months ago I bought this: Projection Lamp PHILIPS, Type 7748XHP / EHJA1/223 / 24V-250W-G6.35.

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