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  1. 90mm f/4 Elmars are pretty underrated. Not sure what they cost now, but a few years back you could pick them up for under a $100.

    I have a 73mm f/1.9 Hektor, but I've not shot much with it so far.
  2. Nikon never seems to have made a bad 105. If the original poster ever wants to try another portrait lens on the D800, then the AI F-mount version of this lens, and later AF designs like the 105 DC f/2 and the latest 105 f/1.4 are all excellent.
  3. I have the CV as well and its a fine lens. I don't use if very much, but when I do, I like the results.
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  4. I use Summicron 90 and Elmarit 90 as my portrait lenses
  5. Bit late to enter this fray. Many good recommendations here in this post. You would be hard pressed to go past them.I would offer an alternative view to Billblackwellphotography: the 'sharpness' v 'softness' debate. I like sharpness. If you want clarity, precision, clear view, go for one of the lenses recommended to do that. If you want 'softness' (maybe a euphemism for those 'special', and cherished, optical aberrations), go for those recommendations. I like clarity and sharpness. At the end of the day, it's your choice. My go to portrait lens is a 75mm voigtlander (though it's actually a japanese cosina). It's clean, sharp, good contrast. As they say, you choose your horses, and you place your bets. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  6. Summilux 75 1.4 or Thambar. Summilux 75 is more versatile.

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