leica owner one day course in milton keynes

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  1. i am just back from my leica introduction course in milton keynes. was good fun...

    there were about 10 people there. they gave us a introduction to leica's history and showed a few slides and a movie. they had quite a bit of equipment there, the whole m-range and most of the r stuff. around midday we were sent out to take a roll of slides. we could borrow any equipment we wanted. i went for a r8 with a 180 summicron. was a good experience. although i accept that this camera is really good, i realised that my m is better suited to my kind of photography. they got our films processed and made a small slideshow.
    this is one of mine:<p>
    <img src="http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=562969&size=md"><p>
    it was taken with the camera lying on the table in front of me, aperture priority at 5.6, distance and framing guessed.

    they also let us handle the 0-serie and a remake of the ur-leica.
    no news about the m7.

    it was a nice day, and it assured me, that i bought just the right equipment

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