Leica M8 shutter speed dial M6/MP/M3/M2/M4 way... Petition...

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by kik, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. kik


    Does anyone know if they (Leica) are going to make a MP way shutter speed dial?
    If not let's start a petition!
  2. Have a guess...
  3. kik


    I know, but are they going to make a "version" the other way? if not, let's ask them to!
  4. I agree - it should be an option, even if it doesn't tie in with the little red lights.
  5. I understand the emotional ties to turning the other way, but what's the big deal? I have an M6 and a D2. The dials turn in opposite diretions - so what?
  6. Don't know if this is relevant to the M8... but it does have an モR9 type shutterヤ no? The pic
    above conforms to the R9 rotational set up.

    No Leica style variable programme mode... interesting.
  7. Craig, that is what Leica have stated previously, it will have an R9 type shutter. This is supposedly it.
  8. Give it up, already. The TTL/M7 dial is an ergonomic advance, and a delight to use.
  9. Yes, make an alternative M8 model that brings back the old speed dial, and at the same time remove the red dot!
  10. If I ever get one I am sure I would leave it at "A" anyway.
  11. Rather than retool the production line to offer a backward feature, wouldn't it be cheaper for
    Leica to buy a few old barbershops on every continent to give the old-timers a place to hang
    out and gripe about the modern world?
  12. Can't sign it.

    It's another left/right thing. Too political for our Forum.

  13. Anyone else having trouble hitting the M8 puzzle site, from which the above photos were lifted, this morning?
  14. kevin -- that was the biggest chuckle i've had in a long while. you hit it just right.
  15. No problems accessing the M8 Puzzle site if this is the one you mean...

  16. http://www.lightmediation.com/blog/index.php?2006/09/06/25-leica-m8-digital-numerique-exclusif#
  17. Old-timers eh, fancy a race round the block Kevin? (clockwise).
  18. "wouldn't it be cheaper for Leica to buy a few old barbershops on every continent to give the old-timers a place to hang out and gripe about the modern world?"

    It'd cheapest for Leica to just hire a barber to hang out on the Leica Forum.
  19. "Old-timers eh, fancy a race round the block Kevin?"

    Only if there's a pint and a bar stool waiting at the end. :)
  20. Now you're talking.
  21. lb-


    oh, maybe we can get them to make a version of the M8 without a meter or an lcd also.

    who wants to bet someone starts making an add on, purely cosmetic wind on lever? looks like theres room on the top plate to stick one on. wonder if it'll be available in a double stroke?
  22. You're being facetious but I fully expect to read gripes from people accustomed to keeping their thumb under the partly-extended advance lever as an integral part of their grip. If not a dummy wind lever I do expect someone, maybe that Swiss fellow, to come up with a stick-on thumb rest for those folks.
  23. Isn't it quite late in the game to be seeking changes? I mean they are probably 30% into their production schedule and they are formally announcing the camera in a couple of days.

    I do not doubt that the boys in Solms have looked at feedback from the M7 and have made a decision based on a bunch of factors.
  24. "... let's start a petition!"

    Oh yea... that'll do it. Leica has only been producing cameras with shutter speed dials rotating "the wrong way" since 1998.
  25. I miss the days of hanging out by the coffee pot at the camera shop. I'm letting my hair grow again anyway. After looking at those old photos of myself from the 60's and 70's I'm really curious as to how those hair styles will look with grey hair.
  26. yer - grey hair is smart and ev. buy another fridge to store even more film when the M8 hits the market softly ...
    It�s about the lens and the camera is secondary - now the camera becomes the prime object of desire - you Leica folks here make the same mistake ...
    Keep the lens discussions up in this forum - who really really cares about which "M" is behind the lens ... ???
  27. Glad to see they got it right!

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