Leica M7 Hermes Edition

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  1. Wow, check out the comments at the end of the article.
    These "purse" people just love it !
    I guess they're a different breed altogether.
    I saw the orange color and thought, yikes it's ugly!
  2. I like the lens hood.
  3. Sorry I can't be more supportive, but that orange is positively traffic cone-like.
  4. Heck, who said rangefinders are unobtrusive?
    Well, might come in handy for beeing localized when your black D&G helicopter has a breakdown...
    Also possible that you will find them cheap, but flooded in Carribean pawn shops.
    Other than that, maybe potential theft is avoided by making people think that it is a1980's NIKONOS-V.
    BTW, think of an edition with red dots all over the body...like the LV stuff.
    We would probably remember it as the Measels Edition.
    So, not that bad at all.
    You can always go to the shoemaker of your confidence and let him tint the leather covering.
    I'm in.
    Best, Knut
  5. Note the MP-style controls. Not interested in the body, but I sure would like that 35 Lux ASPH + hood.
  6. I liked the lens hood too... I'd keep it and get rid of the body... Ha!
  7. The could at least have gold-plated it to complete the garish looks...
  8. How about anodizing it purple, instead of plain? Would have been much more dramatic.
  9. This is a camera for night photography. Glows in the dark.
  10. What I don't like so much is that new trend from Leica for chrome lenses.
    Silver anodized aluminum alloy barrel and ring instead of chrome on brass.
    The last three chrome lenses issued by Leica are like that: the 28/2,8 Asph, 28/2 Asph and this 35/1,4 Asph.
  11. 1° Frankly nouveau riche BUT I realy love the lens shade !
    2) Shall we soon see fakes in streetmarkets in San Remo (Italy) like for the hand bags with poor leather that flakes !
    3) Maybe Erwin should discuss the leather grain as I think he did for vulcanite...
    4° PS John I love your comment (anodized...), do not tell them they'll do it....
  12. love it. orange was always my favorite color.
    $12k. far outta my range. sure is beautiful.

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