Leica m6 ttl 0.58 with 50mm lens.

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  1. Hello Guys,
    I am brand new to Leica Rangefinder, I have used Leica-R8 for years with 28 f/2.8 & 35-70mm f/4 macro. (just love this kit).
    Yesterday I got a leica M6 ttl 0.58 black chrome, beautiful one (Mint in a box).
    I went for the M6 TTL 0.58 as I'll use it for street photography mainly with wide lenses in low light, such as night, indoors, etc..
    I have three quick questions:
    1- which one is best lens -as i have only budget for one lens now- should i go for 28mm or 35mm ?
    2- Is it true what i read in few sites that focusing the 50mm on the 0.58 finder is a very problematic? is it really difficult or what is the issue about? - keep in mind- I'll never buy any focal lenth for my Leica M6 Rangefinder more than 50mm anyway. so my worry stops here at the focus issue with 50mm.
    3- What is the real benefit of the TTL on the M6? When it would be a great help for the photographer?
    I'd appreciate your responds & advices, many thanks in advance.
  2. I have one and I love it. I'd go for the 35mm lens first; but that is me. The Summicron 50/2 works very nicely on the M6TTL .058. I have heard you can even use the Nocitlux 50/1 with this camera. I think the TTL flash option is fine if you have the proper TTL flash. The large shutter speed dial is a pleasure to use, though it goes in the opposite direction of the M classics.
  3. Check what field of view you like better, 35, 28 or 50mm, and go for that one.
  4. The choice of focal length is really down to what you want to achieve and your photographic style. I'm sure you know that difference in view between a 28mm and a 35mm is quite small, though not insignificant. Which do you use most? The 35mm f2 (late pre-aspheric version) is popular and well-respected for very many reasons. Performance of that version is better, overall, than with the 28mm Elmarit.
    My own preferences for a starter kit would be 24+35+50 or 21+28+50: each of these combinations are reasonably well spaced in their focal length coverage. For work at the longer focal lengths, say for portraiture and 'street' photography', 28+50+90 makes a tolerably good combination. That said, many Leica users - me too - can happily work with only a 35mm lens most of the time.
    Focussing with the 50mm is not especially problematic, but I do find that the optional x1.25 eyepeice magnifier is very useful. The 'TTL' name refers to through-the-lens flash metering; as such, it offers no benefits for general photography.
  5. I'd go for a 28 without a doubt, but that's just me. Which do you shoot at more?
  6. I have both a .58 and .72 M6TTL. (I wear glasses, so the .58 iwoth short lenses is ideal for me). The .58 initially replaced two, meterless .72 M bodies. For about 18 months I had only the .58 (although I also have SLRs) and found it very easy to use with a 50mm lens, as I still do. I added the .72 because I like working with two cameras much of the time, not because I found using the 50 difficult on the .58 and it made sense to have the flexibility of two maginifications. Most of the time, a 35 is on the .58 and a 50mm on the .72, but if I only carry one body, it is most often the .58 with a 50 and 35. I have even used my 90mm on the .58, but it is easier on the .72, of course. The 21mm goes on either body. In short, I would not hestiate to use a 50 on the .58.
  7. A 28mm lens is where the distortions inherent in a wide angle lens on flat film really start to get apparent, circles near the corner stretch into ellipses. So it's the first focal length where things start to look unnatural. So I'd say start with 35mm.
    Also, if you wear glasses, see how well you can see the 28mm frame lines. Whether that's a problem with a 0.58x finder depends on the strength of the glasses, and the shape of your face.
  8. Alex: Thanks dude, I might not actually use a flash, but just wanted to know what is so special about it, as they sell for higher price, but i doubt that leica users are a flash useres in general.
    Alan: very comprehensive reply, thanks for your efforts, i might go as well for the x1.25 eyepeice (just incase i get the Summilux one day :)
    Tim: Yes, it seems like 28mm will be my first lens as i have been using the 28-R & find it amazing, was wondering if a 28-R is any different in results from the 28-M, I mean should i expect the same results?
    Anthony: Many thanks for sharing the experience I'll be more confident looking for a nice 50mm in the future.
    John: Thanks dude, you know that darker corners is one of the things that really appeals to me alot! i think its like a signture of a range finder or so, have you used the new Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 ?? I am looking to this as an option.
    Francisco: Thanks man, but the problem is i don't have the lenses on M mount to try them, i want to feel them on the M6 then decide which one, hense i don't have that option i thought to ask.
    Thanks all, Any one used A voigtlander lenses on Leica m6? Specially the new 35mm f/1.2 ?
  9. Hazem, as stated above you will not have any problems with focusing a 50, or at least I don't. I'm an eyeglasses wearer so the .58 is perfect for me. I shoot with a 28 and a 50, but if I had to choose just one lens it would be a 35 as I find that focal length is how "I see" the world. Enjoy!

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