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  1. I'm having a problem with my M6 and am curious if anyone else has encountered something similar. I've
    had the camera a while and shot hundreds of rolls with no problems. But last week the camera stopped
    advancing midroll. The advance lever feels as if it is pulling against tension as if it's at the end of the roll,
    but instead it's in the middle. I can rewind the film (with tension initially) and have wasted several rolls
    experimenting with the advance and rewind, with similar results. The film always gets stuck mid-roll. I've
    taken the baseplate off midroll and it seems to be loaded and spooling properly, and before this latest
    problem I ran many rolls through the camera with no issue. Before I send it off for repair, does anyone
    have any experience with this problem?
  2. I think I've seen mention of something getting loose in the rewind mechanism, and something unscrews until it jams as the film winds. Rewinding screws it back in. Try spinning the rewind knob backwards 20 turns.
  3. It's the washers under the rewind knob coming loose as the film is wound. Usually they would unscrew enough to jam the knob by the time you reached frame 10-12. Rewinding would screw them back in enough to let you get another 10-12 frames on the next roll.

    There is a link from the Leica FAQ site to a webpage by Kyle Cassidy on how to fix this problem but the link doesn't work now. As I recall the rewind knob has to be removed and then the washers underneath have to be tightened.
  4. Thanks for the helpful advice. I tried rewinding the crank 20 times and that seems to have
    worked for now. When I get the right tools I will try pulling off the knob to tighten the
  5. 'Never heard of an M4 with that problem. Only M4-2, M4-P and forward thru M6. I don't
    think MP or M7 have that problem, but I could be wrong. I sent my M6 in for repair when it
    happened, almost 20 years ago, and it never happened again. Good luck. (BTW, the 20
    rewind cranks for temporary cure is genius. I wish I knew of that then....thanks).
  6. Happened to my M7 last year. Being all thumbs I took it to ICT in Mountain View and Fred
    fixed it for $70.

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