Leica M4-2: First Impressions

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by mechs, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. My M4-2 was CLA'd 10 year ago and it still has a nice smooth shutter release as described above. I found it possible to get crisp shots at 1/30th if I was careful, well braced and hadn't had too much coffee. Very nice camera for low light shots. Good luck with yours.
  2. In the extremely unlikely event that I would consider purchasing an M film body, then the only one I'd consider would be the M5; preferably unmodified.
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  3. Terrific engineering, but it is not a good looking camera. It almost looks like it came from the Eastern Bloc. Almost.
  4. True on the first part - quite a few things that were unique to that camera and at least for me would have been very welcome in subsequent models (like the shutter speed dial and the metering display in the viewfinder). Last Leica M model made the "old way" of working the components until they fit. Granted, not the best looking Leica (though not that much different in the design from a Leica SL or a Nikon F/F2) but to me the most practical one, especially when used with the larger lenses of the M system. Unfortunately, the one I inherited had the viewfinder modified, so I never got to experience the original one. My M6 Classic was certainly nicer to look at - but that was about the only advantage over the M5.
  5. I remember talking with Sherry Krauter and she said the M5 was her favorite Leica because the meter was so accurate. I've never used one or seen one "in the wild" :) But it seems that the metering is similar to the match metering on the Nikon FE2. Is that correct?
  6. Late to the ball, again, but in regards to the 'cover' on the camera, I mostly take the stance that if it wasn't durable enough to make it intact to the present, well; I think you sort of have permission to 'recover' the camera body.

    Red kidskin, for example can be very attractive with black.

    My Exakta with red kidskin as it was and as it is
    My supplier for fine 'covers' seems to have gone dark, but a Google™ will reveal some still in business.
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