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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by r s, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Oh my, make that 'Top gadget of all times' - not just 'of the year'...
  3. After seeing the title of the thread, but before clicking on it, I was ready to respond, "It's a meter!"
  4. What's really scary is that the Sinclair ZX is in the same top 10 list. It was an early UK personal computer, from the eccentric Clive Sinclair, same market segment as the Commodore C-64, but stylish and stranger.

    The mechanical integrity of most Sinclair products was about the polar opposite of Leica products. Styrene cases, flaky keyboards. (As I learned as I wore out my Sinclair Cambridge Programmable calcuator in college.)
  5. "The Leica M8 has all the key characteristics of the analogue Leica M camera and almost all Leica M system lenses made since 1954 are suitable for digital photography."

    I wonder how much it cost Leica for this bit of misinformation.
  6. In what way is that line misinformation? If you're thinking about the Angulon 21 and earlier versions of the Elmarit 28 as not fully compatible with the metered bodies, then those two cases justify the use of "almost all Leica lenses." Are there more incompatible lenses?
  7. Actually, I like the news, the tone and the whole thing. It's a real vindication for film cameras! Besides, the M3 design really justifies the award.
  8. The fact that the M3 is on the same list as the Sinclair computer (over here the Epsom Sinclair) is scary. The thermal paper Sinclair printer was especially memorable in the wrong sense.
  9. I suppose Leica will only worry if their M8 ends up on the same list as the Sinclair C5...
  10. Second it, M3 surely the top, since 1954.

    However, it's more on "play it" than "use it" since I am getting old and lazier now.
  11. This we have known all along , but its still nice to have confirmation.
  12. I had a Sinclair computer. It was later billed as the first throwaway computer, a title it certainly deserved. The Commodore 64, however, deserves to be remembered as one of the great products in the early days of personal computers. I have one, in my garage, still operable, that is sitting alongside a PC-XT, and a 486 computer. The Commodore 64 cost $200, had a real keyboard, and great graphics, sound, and games. I think the Sony Betamax also deserves recognition as a great gadget. BTW, I own a Leica M3 and I think it deserves all honors. The greatest RF viewfinder of all time.
  13. Completely O.T. but what the hell are these 4 objects? (they never reached MY shores...) :)
    4.The Sony AIBO
    8.Psion Series 3
    9.Creative DAP Jukebox
    10.Motorola STARTAC
  14. Sony AIBO is a robot dog that, unlike M3, does not need a CLA. AIBO can download and upgrade the firmware on your M8 while you sleep, every night, and say "woof" before you take picture of a synthetic black object with your M8 to warn you of magenta consequences. It's a smart dog.

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