Leica M3 + 50mm Zeiss 1.5 Sonnar and 24mm Elmar

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I've been following this forum for a long time but rarely post. The reason I'm posting today is that after years of lurking I thought I might as well share something. One lens I'd love to own but can't afford is a 50 Summilux. Instead I've mostly been using an old Contax mount Zeiss 1.5 Sonnar with adapter that's probably even older than my M3.
    Fully open the lens is a bit soft, but given the fact that lens and adapter cost only about a tenth of a new Summilux I consider that a reasonable compromise. Even stopped down to f2 the lens is very sharp. I took the camera, the Zeiss and a 24mm 3.8 Elmar on a recent business trip to China. As I had forgotten my tripod, I tried a few handheld night shots - and was surprised how well they turned out. I loaded the camera with a roll of Ilford Delta 400, shutter speeds were 1/8 to 1/30 at f2 (Sonnar) and f4 (Elmar) . Now I feel I have less need for a Summilux :).
  2. The Guangzhou Tower is a 600m landmark serving no discernible purpose. There's a viewing platform on top but other than that the building is hollow (apart from the elevator shaft)
  3. There were lots of people taking photos of the tower and the nearby illuminated office buildings, but I seemed to be the only one wih an analog camera.
  4. On the roof of the tower during the day.
  5. Fellow tourists.
  6. Fellow tourists, second attempt.
  7. SCL


    As much as we all crave the lenses we don't have, we often don't take full advantage of of the characteristics of the lenses we do have. It looks like your old Sonnar performs just fine and you're making good use of it. I doubt the Summilux (at least an older version Summilux) would produce a noticeably superior picture - a newer one, maybe slightly more contrast at the edge of the field.
  8. Nice photos. Well done. I had a version 2 Summilux stolen. But thanks to that I discovered the considerable advantages
    of the lighter and more compact Summicron with its extremely useful focus tab. Craving the wide open look at f1.4 that I used
    to have I went one better and later got the Zeiss C Sonnar. The Bokeh is better and the lens is lighter and more compact.
    I too have had my Summilux desire quenched by the Sonnar.
  9. If you have an "Orion" adapter, or another vintage Contax to Leica Thread Mount adapter- they are worth a good bit. Of course the Modern Amedeo adapters are quite good. If your lens is marked "50mm", it is the post-war west German lens.
    The pre-war lenses will fit into a Jupiter-3 focus mount,
  10. The lens you are shooting with always makes better photos than the one you only wish you had. I enjoy the distinctive rendition in Cartsens' photos.

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