Leica M2 Viewfinder Completely Black

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by steve g, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. My friend just picked up a Leica M2 in need of some serious viewfinder repair.
    Basically, the viewfinder is completely black. However, the bright lines still show, as
    does the rangefinder patch.

    Any ideas what could be broken and how much this type of repair this tends to run?
  2. I picked up one with the same problem not long ago...the cement holding the elements has let go. Kim at Essex Camera in NJ did a fine job on mine and for a very good price compared to several others I checked with. Takes about 3-4 weeks.
  3. Would like to know the cost of the fix for the dreaded M2/M3 black RF. This will probably be a more common problem as the balsam cement used on these cameras approaches a half century.
  4. Google "CRR-Luton"

    Cheers, A
  5. David Price had the right diagnosis. You may want to call recognized Leica repair folks such as Gerry Smith at Kindermann Canada, DAG or Sherry Krauter and get some quotes. They all do good work and unfortunately this is a somewhat common problem.
  6. John...based on what I have read the M3 finder is much more complicated that the M2 and the repair job is quite a bit more complicated and costs more. I don't know about giving out prices on the forum but I'll be glad to let anybody know privately. ywdprice at yahoo dot com
  7. Don Goldberg can fix this and he's in the US. Give him a ring.
  8. What Andy said. Seriously.
  9. AFAIK Sherry K was not doing this repair unless she's started recently. She and Leica would only replace the entire rangefinder with one from an M4-P for around $600 in parts, plus labor. Don Goldberg will recement the prism for around $250. How much does Essex charge? My M3 shows signs of decementing which is another reason I only use it occasionally and not for serious shooting. I'm amazed at the number of people who continue to recommend people buy M2/M3 and claim the decementing is a myth. Basically what the repair guys say, it's a crapshoot. Sometimes a slight knock can separate the prism, others could take a real hit and come away fine. If I just used the camera for around the neighborhood goofing around I'd be ok with an M2, but because most of my photography is travelling, I prefer something without that possibility looming.
  10. CRR (in Luton, UK) can fully restore and re-silver finders on the older Leicas. The cost is reasonable.

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