Leica M2-R Value [Should I sell??]

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  1. So I'm a semi-new to photography [I've only been shooting full manual for two years] and I was wondering whether or not I should sell my Leica M2-R or my Summilux f/1.4 50mm gen.I lens, or both. I'm an 18 year old full time worker and artist and I need to be able to cover the cost of developing film for my other cameras [an Argus/Cosina STL 1000 and Rollei 35], and getting a good digital camera and at least one good 50mm lens for it would be massively beneficial.
    Also, if I were to buy a digital camera for under $800, which one should I buy? I would want a Nikon with an F mount so I can use manual Nikkor lenses, but that's about it.
  2. Never ever sell a Leica. You will regret it.
  3. If it would be "massively benificial" for you, do it.
    Otherwise, maybe learn to develop yourself to save money, browse another lab to do so, shoot less and more concentrated; and above all,
    listen to Anthony. This somewhat special Leica combo feels like inherited, when I hear from you
    that you are only 18. Maybe you should wait a bit with the decision, if you can afford.
  4. If you must sell something sell the M2 body but keep the Summilux - may well be useful in your future digital world if you buy a mirrorless camera. Personally, I would sell the Cosina and the Rollei 35 rather than anything Leica. Of course you won't get nearly as much for them as for the Leica. You could get a Sony Alpha/A7 camera and use your Leica and Nikon lenses on it via adapters. Many are doing this to great effect.
  5. I would second Anthony's opinion - there have been many people who sold their classic Leicas and have regretted it! I just bought my first M (an M3) after a very long wait, mainly because I didn't want to buy the wrong unit (for price, condition or ergonomic reasons) and have to sell it!
    Having said that, if you really need the money, you may have no other alternative. In that case, the body is probably more expendable than the lens, as the latter (especially if a good performer in good condition) can be adapted for use on your digital body (or if your circumstances improve in future, on your to-be-acquired Leica M bodies, film or digital).
    You don't have to restrict yourself to Nikons, as manual Nikkor lenses can be easily mounted on other bodies with adapters. And for under $800, you're probably in the realm of crop sensor cameras (APS-C or M43), so your choices include Sony (eg A6000), Olympus (EM5) or Fuji (but the interchangeable Fujis are more expensive, I think). I have a Sony A6000, on which I use a range of manual lenses, including Leica screw mount, Leica R, Zeiss, Nikkor (non-AI, AI and AIs), Canon etc etc. For me, it delivers, as a lightweight and compact camera that allows me to use a big range of legacy glass. My full frame DSLR has its own uses, but the Sony works well for general shooting and travel.
    Just my two cents' worth :)
  6. SCL


    What Anthony said...you will regret it down the road.
  7. I'm thinking as opposed to selling the Leica I'm going to save for a nice $1300-$1500 DSLR body, an M Adapter, and an M42 adapter so I can use most of my lenses on it (this will take roughly a year). I don't plan on buying any more lenses for, so I don't have that to worry about that. I also don't want a mirrorless camera [having a viewfinder is pretty important for holding the camera still when it's not mounted I find, and I don't particularly like the electronic variety] though they do appear to be much cheaper.
    The reason for the preference of Nikon is the old Nikkor lenses aren't too expensive and they're of pretty good quality. I would be using Zeiss or Voigtlander but I don't have the cash for that.
  8. Sounds like you have a plan! It might be worth choosing a DSLR that has interchangeable focus screens so that you can replace the factory screen with a microprism or split focusing screen to help focusing the manual lenses. I have a devil of a time focusing using the factory screen in a 5D3.
  9. Funny thing I actually have an old unused Pentax focusing screen with a chart for what works best with certain lenses, but I have no clue as to if it'll still work with new DSLR cameras
  10. I've got a KS-15/4 which is the M2-R made for the military (I think) but not marked as an M2-R. I actually bought it just as an M2 from KEH but it had the quick load mod and the expanded seals (for dust) that the KS has. It doesn't have the value yours does though. I'd look at KEH for M2-Rs and maybe B&H Photo for pricing (or even eBay). Good machine.
  11. There is no DSLR that can use M lenses - mirrorless can do that, (D)SLRs not. So, if you already have Nikon MF lenses, then your best bet is saving up for a D7000, D7100 or D7200, as they fit your budget new, or second hand D600/D610 - these can meter with MF lenses, and have pretty decent viewfinders. But Nikon is the least compatible to adapt lenses onto. If you thinking about using adapters with other SLR lenses, Canon might be the better bet. For rangefinder lenses: mirrorless, or a rangefinder.
  12. I've sold out on Leica stuff four times, and each time I've been sorry. Most recently it was in 2008 because I wanted to switch to Nikon digital and I got a couple of Nikon film bodies for the film part of that excursion. It only took me about two years to realize what a fool I'd been. Nikon is nice, but it isn't Leica. (It was the weight and bulk of the D300 that resulted in me not having it on me when I needed it. Now I carry a Leica M4 on a belt clip.) If you can at all avoid it, I would. Each time you come back it will cost you more.
    Coincidentally, I just looked through my photos the other day, and almost 100% of the ones I liked best were shot with a Leica and 50mm lens. As someone mentioned in response to that, there was some French guy (hint: initials HCB) who went for decades maxing out that combo for himself. This doesn't mean that this is the ideal combination for you, but it has been for many, many photographers.
  13. Good to hear the advice about classic Leicas from everyone - mine is still being shipped to me, but after hearing of your experiences, I'll be keeping it as long as I possibly can!
  14. You sell out of Leica, you won't be able to afford to buy back in. Do you only have one lens? Old 90mm & 135mm lenses are cheap
    I would also go for Canon DSLR. Only long Leica M lenses on Visoflex mounts will get infinity focus on DSLR.
  15. Spencer,
    Keep your Leica M2-R and 50 lux. Sell the Rollei and your other old cameras to fund film. Buy a film bulk loader and save on film costs that way. Use your Leica all the time. Don't worry about only having one lens. It's a great discipline to learn to shoot with one lens. Use your feet to "zoom". Once you've used the M2 for a while, you won't want to shoot with anything else.
  16. I agree; keep the Leica.
  17. If we recommend that no-one sell Leica, how will anyone buy one?
    But yes, if you have use for it, then you should keep it.
    There are enough quality DSLRs available for reasonable prices on the used market, with prices falling every day. Not all can properly use and meter with AI lenses, but some can. Look for those.
  18. Here's what happens.
    You sell the M2R and the 50. You use the money for film processing, knick-knacks, travel, prints, what-have-you.
    Then you've spent all your money.
    And you will think, "I sure wish I still had the Leica and the 50mm".
    Then at some point down the road you'll finally get some money together and *try* to get an M2R and a 50 again but it will be a lot more money.
    Then, "I sure wish I still had the Leica and the 50mm".
    Anyway, good luck with your photography. I was 18 when I bought my first Leica M2 (not an R). I still have it, the 21mm f4, 35mm f3.5, Leicavit, Remoclip & meter. (1966).
  19. My favourite camera is my 1958 M2. I prefer it to my M6TTl, M9, R9/DMR and S(006). I even prefer it to my Rolleiflex :)
  20. I waffle back & forth between digital and film with my Olympus OM-D bodies, a Leica M9 that I've had to send back to Leica twice (latest time just yesterday) to have the sensor cleaned, and a Leica M4 or Zeiss Contax IIA outfit.
    Without a doubt, the most fun is using the M4 or Contax, not being able to chimp and reshoot all the time.... just shoot and scoot, then processing the film myself. I have as much fun manipulating the images as taking the shots themselves and two rolls, or 72 negatives, can take me 2-3 days to digitize and get just the way I like them vs. the 3o minutes to one hour I can download and process 72 raw images from the digital camera, and with the film images I feel like I have accomplished more, and had more fun doing it.
    I've done the sell and regret thing with a past Leica outfit. Not again.

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