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  1. Hi Everyone, I have encountered and experienced with some rare and exotic lenses including the all-time lust Konica Hexanon 60mm F1.2 lens and Schneider Xenon 50mm F0.95, here are some of the reviews that I have wrote for the lenses for Leica M including the Zeiss 15 zm, Leica 75mm Summilux and the upcoming MS-Optical 50 F1.1 in rare LTM mount.
    The Reviews can be found at: http://jerrybei.com/reviews/
  2. Well done Jerry, now part of my browser keeper/favorite websites...
  3. I'll second that! Jerry, really good stuff ... this is what I want to see more of on this forum (apart from great pics)!
  4. Thank you guys! I will make sure to keep them coming!
  5. It's very interesting about those exotic lenses, but what do you think about the plain old 50mm Summicron and Elmar?
  6. Hi Bill, I have used those lenses before and I think they the "bread n butter" for Leica M. Those lenses offer the best price to performance ratio. 50mm Summicron is super sharp and everything is in a light/compact package, while the 50mm Elmar provides a classic rendering and the best thing is that it's collapsible. The vintage versions of these Leica lenses are perfect for B&W photography.
  7. Great stuff Jerry. Beautifully presented. That MS 50 1.1 is a very attractive proposition. My C Sonnar cured me of wanting another Summilux and I hope to resist investing in a Noctilux ever. The form factor of the MS optical is a significant draw factor for me if I want to try close to f1.
  8. Great job, Jerry.
  9. Well, nice pictures, but to call this a review?! Don't want to spoil your party, but who needs this "information"? (cited from the 15mm Zeiss "test"):
    Super Integrated / Super Spectra Coating: No
    Focus Information
    Focus: Manual Focus
    Built-in Focus Motor: No
    Silent Wave / Ultrasonic Motor: No
    Internal Focusing: No
    Rear Focusing: No
    Minimum Focus Distance: 0.30m
    Distance Information: Yes
    Filter Information
    Filter Size: 72mm
    Accepts Filter Type: Screw-on
    Physical Characteristics
    Weather / Dust Sealing: Yes
    Mount Material: Metal
    Tripod Collar: No
    Dimensions: 78 x 92mm
    Weight: 550g
    Other Information
    Available in Colors: Black
    Lens material used: Glass
    Useful for: Photography
    Lens body shape: cylindric
    Boy, I'm impressed!
    Sorry, last three infos just added by myself;)
    My favorite information is "Distance information: Yes"
    Whatsoever, I doubt the weather/dust sealing information. That *might* apply only to the ZE version of this lens.
    Stay informed, buddies!
  10. Hi Knut, thanks for coming by and reading my review but please keep in mind that the review was wrote for everyone here, not just for a particular individual. It may not be your style preferred and what you so called "useless information" such as the specifications included can be useful for someone else, please respect that. I try my best to not let my reviews be overly-technical, boring or long-winding and just extracted all the essential/necessary information to share with photographers who are interested in that particular topic.
  11. Thank you Paul!
  12. Thanks Richard. The MS Optical 50mm f1.1 would be an excellent choice if you are a fan of fast 50mm lenses and looking for something offers unique rendering in a smaller package.
  13. I'm absolutely blown away by the IQ and sharpness and Bokah of the B&W images. Don't think that I've ever seen ANYTHING like it, not even 4x5 Agfapan!
    Is there anything special that you've done, or is it just the combination of the Leica 240 with great fast glass?
  14. I am a big fan of the 50mm Summilux ASPH and it is a lens that I can never leave without. Nothing special, guess its just the combination plus a bit of simple post-processing work to achieve the results.
  15. I guess I just don't get this web born fixation with gear reviews. Read a review by Sean Reid or Erwin Puts and you have
    all you need to know to make your purchase. There is only 24 hours in one day, I can't fathom spending it on writing or
    reading gear reviews..
  16. We just like to crap on about stuff. That's OK
  17. Guess everyone has their own way of
    buying new gear but I like to do as
    much as research possible before
    buying. Leica gears can cost us a
    fortune so it's better to know what you
    are spending your money for.
  18. I enjoyed the write-up on the Sonnetar, came close to buying one- but went with a Nikkor 5cm F1.5 in
    Leica mount instead. The latter- even less produced in Leica mount, and that done in 1949. <p>

    <img src="http://www.leicaplace.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=58&d=1365294528"> <p>


    The Sonnetar- it's basically the CZJ Sonnar 5cm F2 formula done with more modern glass. The middle
    triplet of the 5cm f2: the middle element is "filler" glass of a low-index of refraction just to get rid of two
    reflective surfaces. With modern coating, it's not necessary and was also left out of the Modern C-Sonnar
    50/1.5 which is 6 elements in 4 groups. Again- the middle element of the middle triplet is just not
    necessary with modern coatings.<p>

    I admire the skill and dedication of Mr. Miyazaki. I've converted some lenses to Leica mount as well,
    mostly relying on fitting optics into focus mounts of other lenses. The pre-war Sonnars are my favorites.<p>
  19. That is also a very interesting lens and I have not had many experiences dealing with Nikkor lens but always fancy those vintage lenses. It would be awesome if you can post some results that you made with this lens.
    Mr.Miyazaki is especially good at converting those vintage sonnar lenses and the jobs that he have done are marvellous.
  20. The Nikkor 5cm F1.4 is much easier to find, the F1.5 rare.
    I did a comparison between the Nikkor and Zeiss 5cm F1.5 LTM mount lenses here:
  21. Cheers for sharing with us Brian. I think
    that lens is marvellous for B&W
  22. Brian: Have you ever put the optics from a post-WWII Zeiss-Opton or Carl Zeiss Contax RF Sonnar into a LTM barrel? If so, how does it compare with the WWII-era redesign or the Nikkors?
    The Nikkor 5cm F1.4 is much easier to find, the F1.5 rare.
    I did a comparison between the Nikkor and Zeiss 5cm F1.5 LTM mount lenses here:
  23. I've used the post-war West German 50/1.5 and East German 5cm F1.5 with Amedeo Adapters, the design
    of the two are different from the Wartime and Pre-War lenses. I've shot with several of the West German
    lenses- there was variation in the quality between them. I will make a note to shoot with them on the
    adapter on the Digital Leica's and post some results.

    The shape of the glass and fixtures changed, and they can not be mounted in Jupiter-3 focus mounts. The
    same is true of the F2 post-war Sonnars. The East German lenses increased the diameter of the optics,
    probably to reduce vignetting. The West German lenses: two distinct styles of construction, with serial
    numbers mingled between the two. The pre-war lenses are easier to work on.
  24. This sounds very interesting Brian, got get my hands on one of those pre-war lenses.

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