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  1. See news at http://www.leicabeimeister.com about "Photokina
    Verl䮧erung", where the above mentioned subject is listed just below
    the new digital modul for Leica R that will be presented at Photokina.

    Does anybody know what this is all about???
  2. So I can buy my new Ferrari from Tamsen and a new Leica from Meister at the same place? Sounds good! I have give Heiner a call so he can fly my to Hamburg, the A1 from Bremen to Hamburg is to crowded for the Bentley :)
  3. I heard from someone who very recently attended a Leica presentation in
    Brussels that soon customers will be able to order extensively customised
    Leica Ms. Mixes and matches of different viewfinders, brightlines, finishes,
    leather coverings, engravings, types of transport handle, etc. will be possible.
    At a premium of course ...
  4. Better be careful ordering that M Panda in future... ;o)
  5. What Philippe said. I happened to be at Leica bei Meister a few days ago and that was what one of the salesmen told another customer who had asked.
  6. this was announced (and discused here) last spring. i think it is a fine idea -- why not if they will sell a few more cameras??
  7. Roger, have you got the link?

    I tried searching for it, but no luck :-(
  8. i will try to find it. perhaps the discussion i am recalling was on the LUG. anyway, my recollection is that i first heard about this concept back in april or may.
  9. tried a few searches and can't find it either. will check the LUG archives. i did call my local dealer and he confirms that he heard about the idea "at the beginning of the summer."
  10. just let me know when you find it. sounds interesting.
  11. The Leica M "a la carte" program will start in November with selected dealers.

    I saw few trying models like an MP with M4 rewind lever and classical engraving.

    And also the 50th anniversary M7 Ti with its Ti 50/1,4 Asph. Not as bad as expected. A
    nice grey finish.
  12. Yes, we handle it too.
  13. Lucien,

    Are they allowing the engraved Leica script to be engraved? they did not
    allow this in the past, just personal names. Also could you order an engraved

    Is this only for new special order cameras, or can you also send in old
    cameras and have bits engraved/changed.

    How about special order lenses, like a black paint 50/2.0 (like the retro
    annivesary 50mm summicron in chrome they brought out with 100 units)
  14. Ops. typo, not 100, but 1000 units

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