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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by kenny_chiu|8, Jul 25, 2000.

  1. Anybody uses the Leica-M eye piece yet? I am wearing eye glasses.
    Can the correction (-) eye peice lens help me better to focus?
    I have no difficulty to focus except using the 90mm lens.
  2. Kenny:


    I also wear eyeglasses, although of positive diopter correction.
    Using the Leica M6 TTL with lenses from 24mm through 90mm, focus is
    effortless using a Leica +2 diopter lens attached to the cameras
    eyepiece. When using the Leica, I focus without my eyeglasses,
    hanging them around my neck on a cord. By the way, the Leica M Grip
    is a useful accessory, especially when using heavy lenses or in
    attachment to a tripod. Good luck.


  3. The eyepiece correction lens loves to work loose and fall out
    when you are not looking. So when you screw it in use a tiny drop
    of VERY MILD thread locking compound or paint to prevent it
    from loosening. You still should be able to remove it if you need
  4. I use a slight minus on my M3. It made the split image razor sharp
    for me (without my glasses that I use mostly for driving) and much
    easier to use the 90 and 135 especially.

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